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20 Sep 2023
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling wait for the simplification rule you can do it in more complex operations right? like p v ~(q ^ r) implies p v ~(q) for example? or to be safe i should not do that 02:02:32
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@_discord_206794847581896705:t2bot.iokar Do you mean de Morgan's law 07:26:56
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@_discord_437207769896976395:t2bot.iofumolimo huh 15:14:44
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling nah not demorgan's 15:23:19
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling like the simplification thing in logical proofs 15:23:28
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling like if p ^ q is a hypothesis, it means that p also has to be true 15:24:06
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling i ended up solving it in the end but in a very circuituous way 15:25:10
@_discord_206794847581896705:t2bot.iokar that sounds exactly like applying de morgan's 15:25:41
@_discord_206794847581896705:t2bot.iokar to simplify your proof into the less steps needed 15:25:52
@_discord_569218696351055882:t2bot.iosillvgosling de morgan's is just ~(q ^ r) = (~q v ~r) no? is there another one 15:26:46
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@_discord_334270699181178881:t2bot.iovuks69 Hi, borked my fresh fedora w/ i3 spin VM by removing gnome-themes-extra which also removed X11 drivers, now can't boot. Right now I'm in the live system, trying to figure out how to chroot into the VM's system to fix this. Info I can google is either outdated or doesn't match what I see.

VM was installed with default partitioning.
@_discord_334270699181178881:t2bot.iovuks69 Nevermind, worked it out.
For future reference, after loading into the live system:
su -
mount /dev/sda3 /mnt
mount --bind /mnt/home /mnt/root/home
for dir in /dev /proc /sys /run; do mount --bind $dir /mnt/root/$dir ; done
chroot /mnt/root
dnf install lightdm-gtk xorg-x11-drv-vesa # optionally x11 driver applicable to your hardware, in my case nouveau
reboot now
@_discord_334270699181178881:t2bot.iovuks69 Above also caused my kitty to artifact like hell. Couldn't figure out what to do with that one, so I nuked the vm and reinstalled. 21:35:24
21 Sep 2023
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22 Sep 2023
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23 Sep 2023
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24 Sep 2023
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25 Sep 2023
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