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21 Feb 2024
@okashi:okash.itokashiGod this shit is just as annoying to set up as ever10:31:38
@okashi:okash.itokashi changed their profile picture.13:33:29
@okashi:okash.itokashiHoly shi I think dendrite workie13:39:22
@okashi:okash.itokashiAlso diamond13:40:46
@okashi:okash.itokashiUnban me from devnull and general13:40:53
@okashi:okash.itokashi@okashi:okash.it still banned from them from the beforetimes13:41:06
@diamondburned:matrix.orgDiamond (it/she)lazy13:46:37
@diamondburned:matrix.orgDiamond (it/she)also has nothing to do with techsupport13:46:44
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o Techsupport is the only channel I can see that I'm not banned in 13:47:19
@_discord_695400715887050782:t2bot.iookashi_o And I do want your (tech) support for u to (unban) me 13:47:39
@diamondburned:matrix.orgDiamond (it/she)ask someone else13:58:09
@okashi:okash.itokashi yemou: 13:57:37
@okashi:okash.itokashiUnban me from the other rooms13:57:44
@okashi:okash.itokashiMashallah 13:57:45
@yemou:matrix.orgyemou Hi 14:00:21
@yemou:matrix.orgyemou Uh I'm not on computer 14:00:42
25 Feb 2024
@_discord_527460706967093248:t2bot.iotheslimekilling now it connected just fine, even let me install some software 13:35:07
@zvava:catgirl.cloudsophiaon my computer tablet thingy i put linux on, network manager would connect and work fine for few minutes and then never reconnect until after restart, at which point the issue repeats13:36:28
@zvava:catgirl.cloudsophiamore like network-not manager .. amiright?13:37:01
@_discord_527460706967093248:t2bot.iotheslimekilling problem is, now my WiFi is slow 13:37:17
@_discord_527460706967093248:t2bot.iotheslimekilling I guess slow WiFi is better than no WiFi 13:37:42
@_discord_527460706967093248:t2bot.iotheslimekilling NOTwork-manager 13:40:27
@_discord_277910106245693441:t2bot.ioOli changed their profile picture.14:00:50
26 Feb 2024
@titaniumtown:matrix.orgtitaniumtown changed their profile picture.01:01:01
@tomz_plug:matrix.orgTomz_plug joined the room.23:28:37

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