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19 Sep 2021
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20 Sep 2021
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@h4x3rotab:matrix.orgh4x | Phala Network
In reply to @_discord_861181099509940264:t2bot.io
But when is our turn to get the worker public key?
What do you mean by "get the worker public key"? If you mean mining, you can find better help from the miner group.
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@_discord_785739868738813953:t2bot.ioBit o' Honey changed their display name from Bit o' Honey#8029 to Bit o' Honey.20:09:01
@_discord_785739868738813953:t2bot.ioBit o' Honey Greetings, looking for tech support. Not quite sure whether or not correct channel. Transfer function has not yet been enabled on my Khala account. I can move erc20 PHA to kusama parachain Khala but you I am not able to transfer funds atm 20:09:03
@_discord_549224284325675018:t2bot.ioCappex the ERC20->K-PHA bridge is only active in one direction, you can't send K-PHA back to ERC20 yet, here the roadmap: 20:16:23
@_discord_549224284325675018:t2bot.ioCappex https://github.com/orgs/Phala-Network/projects/11#column-14356629 20:16:52

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