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31 Mar 2020
10:40:43@ronny:synapse.dst.fjit.noRonnyawesome. not sure about others but i have mostly questions :)
10:42:47@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCeeYeah, it's a bit silent on the k8s side of things here, but Matrix is full of interesting rooms.. 🙂
10:45:07@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCee dhrp: Did you know all of Mozilla has moved it's community to Matrix (from IRC)? https://wiki.mozilla.org/Matrix
12:43:25@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcher TeeCee: That's cool and encouraging. -- The primary case is that I think the IRC model makes it so much easier to reach out to any developer, no matter which organization they work for.
12:43:53@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcher-- And by this I mean that matrix.im is in that same mode.
12:44:56@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCeeYeah, absolutely. How would the world be if e-mail was like IM is today? You'd have to ha a GMail-account to send to GMail recipients, Outlook-account to Outlook-recipients and so on...
12:45:59@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCeeToday, e-mail "just works" for the end-users. They type in the address in the client they've always had, and off it goes.
12:46:08@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcheryeah, totally.
12:46:31@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCeeThey don't have to create another Slack workspace to e-mail the other department in their own workplace..
12:49:42@teecee:midlertidig.onlineTeeCeeAlso, the freedom to choose what client you'd like to use is awesome. Don't like Riot? Perhaps you prefer weechat? Or create your own? With Slack, Discord, Skype etc., you'd have to use their supplied client. Sure, you have API-access with limitations and restrictions only money or advertisements can buy...
12:52:51@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcherYeah. I used to work at #docker, and then it was great that I could just reach out to a developer at #redhat or something.
12:55:27@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcher Ronny: happy to answer, where I can.
15:10:15@paul:terminaloctopus.compaulI reached out to the mods of the slack channel about adding some kind of matrix bridge but never got a response (also was denied for requesting legacy tokens to do my own bridging)
15:11:04@paul:terminaloctopus.compaulThe mx-puppet-slack supposedly has support for personal tokens now, but I've not updated yet to try.
1 Apr 2020
08:31:58@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcher set a profile picture.
08:58:00@dhrp:matrix.orgThatcher changed their display name from dhrp to Thatcher.
2 Apr 2020
22:32:51@zifnab:matrix.org@zifnab:matrix.org joined the room.
3 Apr 2020
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22:11:58@snedi:matrix.orgsnediI have created a DevOps server in Discord, fwiw...
4 Apr 2020
11:42:23@mamahaha:matrix.org@mamahaha:matrix.org joined the room.
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12:37:41@gigo19802:matrix.orggigo19802hi together, hast anyone runing matrix server in kubernetes 1.17.* ?
In reply to @gigo19802:matrix.org
hi together, hast anyone runing matrix server in kubernetes 1.17.* ?
or is there an helm chart available ?
In reply to @gigo19802:matrix.org
or is there an helm chart available ?
Yes. Ananace is working on it.
12:39:06@gigo19802:matrix.orggigo19802is it available on github?
12:39:10@ace:kittenface.studioAnanace There's one chart already available at the moment, though with a series of drawbacks
12:39:26@snedi:matrix.orgsnedi No, who wants to join my discord channel? Let's build a good community together!

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