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17 Sep 2019
13:20:56@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsha, working .. had the wrong password
13:21:32@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsI red something about, that HA is not available yet for master node ... what happens, if the master node goes down ?
13:54:52@rs:k8s.sersthe workload will still run on your workernodes (if k3s is working the same way as k8s), but you will not be able to do any operations towards the kube apiserver... or if a pod dies, it will not be rescheduled
13:54:59@rs:k8s.sers Denny Fuchs: --^
13:56:27@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsah, ok, so if nothing happens .. nothing happens :-)
13:57:45@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsSo, its also not possible to just add a 2nd master ...
13:58:19@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsbecause, we have than a "split brain"
14:00:55@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsnext topic ... I have a NFS storage, how would I make it available for the nodes/pods ?
14:01:57@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsIn the very beginning with .. I used Rancher cattle and was able to add the NFS storage and it was available for the containers ...
14:04:47@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsIt seems, I have to use: https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/external-storage/tree/master/nfs-client
14:10:29@rs:k8s.sershave you even tried to google?
14:10:44@rs:k8s.sersnfs storage is really simple to setup and use in deployments/pods
14:11:00@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsseems so: https://matthewpalmer.net/kubernetes-app-developer/articles/kubernetes-volumes-example-nfs-persistent-volume.html pretty easy
14:22:54@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchscool, it works :-)
14:34:48@rs:k8s.sersnice done
14:42:49@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsI think, the hardest part was to understand in k3s the master / agent synonym. Usually I use a agent to connect to a master to controll the master .. so it was for me more a "client". But then I red the docu again and found the picture and had a "ah ha!" effect.
14:45:01@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsAfter rebuild the k3os from the 0.2.2-rc2 (I hate Docker + proxy) and recreate all VMs with the new ISO + cloud-config .. it is more and more usable
14:46:45@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsnext part for tomorrow would create two nginx pods with different content on the NFS storage to understand, who ingress / and the network part is working.
14:46:55@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchsthanks for the help :-)
18 Sep 2019
In reply to @webwurst:matrix.org
there is #ckad-exam-prep on the kubernetes slack
Ah, thanks. I suppose that is only on slack and not available via Riot/Matrix
In reply to @seanleblanc:matrix.org
Ah, thanks. I suppose that is only on slack and not available via Riot/Matrix
Yes that's right. Not much happening here on Riot/Matrix in contrast to the Slack channels for Kubernetes
08:22:09@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsGood morning :-)
08:23:35@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsI think, its to much work to create a Slack integration bridge
08:24:16@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny FuchsAlso Formatted Text Content isn't working
08:25:01@fuchs:matrix.inatec.comDenny Fuchs * I think, its to much work to create a Slack integration bridge
14:46:34@snedi:matrix.orgsnediHey guys! Which open source kubernetes solution would you recommend to take as a base given the idea to build a KaaS ? Is it better to go the kubernetes hard way (literally implement the stuff how it is done in Kelsey's repo on github) or pick up something good and proven. I know there is kubespray for example.
14:50:16@snedi:matrix.orgsnediAnother tricky question. Imagine you have a team that develop an app following the microservices arch. So let's say you have helm charts for every service, you have testing, acceptance, production, whatever and at some point you realize that you developers need a one-instance copy of you real environment. So they can request it, develop a feature, test it, then sent to the pipeline and transfer it into the real environment. How to achieve this ?
14:50:55@snedi:matrix.orgsnediKinda converged one-instance copy of the testing environment for use on a per developer basis
15:11:47@sud0er:matrix.orgsud0erconcourse on rancher for ci

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