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27 Oct 2019
13:10:25@snedi:matrix.orgsnedi Or use -o yaml in your kubectl get
13:10:49@snedi:matrix.orgsnediIt also gives some more detailed output
13:14:44@s7evink:s3cr3t.mes7evinkdescribe also doesn't give me much more besides namespace and labels. yaml output works
17:53:36@snedi:matrix.orgsnediQuestion about centralized logging in Kubernetes. It seems the only best practice is fluetnd/elasticsearch/kibana. Are there any other tools/solutions just to compare?
18:06:03@Lebenitza:matrix.orgLebenitzaI like to use filebeat + logstash where it makes sense. That might be because we use a lot of stuff from elasticsearch as well
In reply to @s7evink:s3cr3t.me
describe also doesn't give me much more besides namespace and labels. yaml output works
It depends on how the crds are defined is not kubectl’s fault. Describe or get subcommands work depending on the crds’ definitions, afaik
18:22:57@snedi:matrix.orgsnediWow, filebeat looks more comprehensive than fluentd actually
18:23:39@Lebenitza:matrix.orgLebenitzaYup, its configuration is saner than fluentd for me as well
18:23:51@Lebenitza:matrix.orgLebenitza* Yup, its configuration is saner than fluentd for me as well
18:38:00@snupples:matrix.orgsnupplesi use fluentd with customized config and splunk. but splunk costs money. its standard for my company tho
18:41:50@webwurst:matrix.orgwebwurst There is also fluentbit. All tools have pro and cons and probably will become comparable featurewise in the long run. It seems fluentd is kinde of default in the Kubernetes ecosystem, but no strong reason for that.

but no strong reason for that.

Probably because it's a CNCF project.

20:25:18@snupples:matrix.orgsnupplesits more extensible and not tied so closely to any particular agregator
29 Oct 2019
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30 Oct 2019
21:06:46@snedi:matrix.orgsnediHad a chance to work with its filtering rules pretty close. Was a good deep dive into fluentd. Step by step it becomes more clear. I would say its chained approach is pretty straightforward so you have source - then filters - then matching the results. But also different additional config options inside the blocks. Anyway it is doable with fluentd.
21:08:24@snedi:matrix.orgsnediCNCF makes good promo for the projects which are involved so that is one of the main reason for sure :)
31 Oct 2019
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1 Nov 2019
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2 Nov 2019
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6 Nov 2019
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9 Nov 2019
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10 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019

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