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The group is dedicated to people starting to mine Monero. Information regarding GPU rigs, CPU rigs and all kinds of pools and setups. If your a beginner and want information or a seasoned miner feel free to post your questions here Please avoid big pools, as these *could* perform a 51% attack. It will not affect your mining income. More resources at https://www.getmonero.org/get-started/mining/ FAQ: What's the best hardware? "AMD ryzen 3000 or 5000 series, good cooler, noctua NH14, NH15, good Samsung b-die memory, being 3200cl14 , or 3600cl16, or 3600cl14, and a good motherboard, being B-550, X570, or B-450, providing all these boards support good overclocking, and good vrm section/cooling" What is the profitability? Depending on the hashrate the estimates can be calculated here: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/xmr What hashrate I can get with my hardware? Here you can see some benchmarks http://xmrig.com/benchmark Official Monero channel: #monero:matrix.org110 Servers

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13 Jun 2024
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONimage.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONimage.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSON Please support this screenshot and delist from "getmonero.org" 14:05:54
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONSo u guys have read screenshot before talkin ??14:08:25
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideThey are good14:07:23
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONHi beware of this whore14:05:00
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONMajesticBank14:07:10
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONImpersonators14:07:56
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONWhen customer support delete chat history what does it mean to u14:09:10
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideWho ?14:06:21
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONGood with u not with me and noobs boobs when comin to support14:10:35
@telegram_162569063:t2bot.ioSageThere may be scammer impersonators beware14:07:35
@telegram_5421895324:t2bot.ioL... changed their display name from Lokesh to L....14:14:46
@pro8l3m:matrix.org@pro8l3m:matrix.org left the room.16:24:44
@telegram_7179339057:t2bot.ioDeleted account 7179339057 changed their display name from Jessica Di Lorenzo to Deleted account 7179339057.17:02:17
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideNormal. I delete chats too16:41:58
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONscam swap16:36:12
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONcustomer support service16:42:38
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSON they r listedf too on getmonero.org 16:37:20
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONif u know the slut ring him on the phone16:43:14
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONsupport isnt answering at16:41:41
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideA day, a week, a month16:42:45
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideSome people automatically, after x time16:42:30
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideSometimes, it take some time16:38:29
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONn stop playin laywer16:43:31
@telegram_608053186:t2bot.ioSpace GuideBut always got paid out16:38:45
@telegram_5935297192:t2bot.ioJAMES ANDERSONthey deleted chat history and asked for exchange id again, tansaction splitted on two for low fees16:41:22
@telegram_167236453:t2bot.ioGregory KulikovskikhWhy use them you could swap on CEX16:36:55
@telegram_167236453:t2bot.ioGregory Kulikovskikh
What’s that
14 Jun 2024
@telegram_5047690391:t2bot.ion1694 changed their profile picture.03:23:55

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