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11 May 2022
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciijust wait till btc bottoms properly out21:06:11
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogeccii https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/200-week-moving-average-heatmap/ 21:10:44
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciibtc @ 20k we can start adding21:11:21
@telegram_364211378:t2bot.ioLe Roi
In reply to geccii
btc @ 20k we can start adding
How long you think it will take to reach that level
@telegram_364211378:t2bot.ioLe RoiI’m assuming we are in a bear market for at least another year21:39:57
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciiweeks, months.. btc already down trend for months, there's have to be total capitulation21:40:22
@telegram_364211378:t2bot.ioLe RoiWaiting!! I need to fill my bag.21:42:45
@telegram_364211378:t2bot.ioLe RoiLast bears I wasn’t really sure what altcoins to buy. This one is different, I can filter the trash out. If I can catch the bottom, would be sweet21:44:14
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciiyes, you will, trust me :) it will bottom out and then will stay there for half year :) as always21:45:33
@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciipm me what projects you have in mind21:46:05
@telegram_364211378:t2bot.ioLe Roi
In reply to geccii
pm me what projects you have in mind
Ok. I sent you a few
I have much more in an excel files
12 May 2022
In reply to Le Roi
Ok. I sent you a few
I have much more in an excel files
send me too bro
@telegram_5048318911:t2bot.ioH.C95Its any hope for luna to survive😔19:02:16
@telegram_5048318911:t2bot.ioH.C95I was holdr19:02:25
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@telegram_1219645841:t2bot.ioLeenGold and silver and land only good hedges against inflation left22:49:45
@telegram_1219645841:t2bot.ioLeen changed their display name from Lina Maria to Leen.22:49:46
13 May 2022
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_455948370:t2bot.io『 FrogMan 』 -`ღ´-
In reply to MoonY
sent an image
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@telegram_455948370:t2bot.io『 FrogMan 』 -`ღ´-* Delisted from Binance03:39:38
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In reply to 『 FrogMan 』 -`ღ´-
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Ooh ouch
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@telegram_1480226043:t2bot.iogecciiheh, just buy the dip of luna :))04:20:53
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@jefferytokens2573:matrix.org@jefferytokens2573:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event06:40:13

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