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1 Mar 2024

The Register - NTT boss takes early retirement to atone for data leak


The Register - Keeping one step ahead of cyber security threats


The Register - Cops visit school of 'wrong person’s child,' mix up victims and suspects in epic data fail


Recorded Future - FBI Director Wray talks takedown operations, nation-state hackers, and growing threats in cyberspace


Recorded Future - Researchers spot new infrastructure likely used for Predator spyware


The Register - In the vanguard of 21st century cyber threats


Recorded Future - US indicts Iranian man in cyber-espionage campaign against defense contractors


The Register - Iranian charged over attacks against US defense contractors, government agencies


Palo Alto Networks - Accelerating Cloud Adoption Across the Scottish Public Sector


Recorded Future - Spyware maker NSO Group ordered to turn over Pegasus code in WhatsApp case


The Register - Judge orders NSO to cough up Pegasus super-spyware source code


The Register - Air National Guardsman Teixeira to admit he was Pentagon files leaker

2 Mar 2024
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4 Mar 2024

The Register - Ahead of Super Tuesday, US elections face existential and homegrown threats

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The Register - LockBit's contested claim of fresh ransom payment suggests it's been well hobbled

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The Register - The federal bureau of trolling hits LockBit, but the joke's on us


Recorded Future - Russia's chief propagandist leaks intercepted German military Webex conversation


Cisco Talos Blog: Heather Couk is here to keep your spirits up during a cyber emergency, even if it takes the “Rocky” music


The Register - Ransomware ban backers insist thugs must be cut off from payday


ZDNET - Like 5G, telcos must seek commercial use cases to move GenAI forward


Recorded Future - South Korea says semiconductor industry targeted by cyber-spies from North


ZDNET - Singapore reviews ways to boost digital infrastructures after big outage


The Register - German defense chat overheard by Russian eavesdroppers on Cisco's WebEx


The Register - Seoul accuses North Korea of stealing southern chipmakers' designs


Recorded Future - Industry in need of ‘immediate relief’ following cyberattack on Change Healthcare, hospital group says


The Register - Change Healthcare attack latest: ALPHV bags $22M in Bitcoin amid affiliate drama


Recorded Future - Fulton County services coming back on ‘rolling basis’ after LockBit attack


Recorded Future - JetBrains releases urgent advisory on vulnerabilities affecting TeamCity


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