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16 Sep 2019

Ah Josh hasn’t set up the link to have what is currently “versions” as stable
Ack. I made a PR to fix this temporarily.

18:19:35@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin.github.io/pull/17
18:19:40@essasetic:matrix.orgessaseticIt also fixes a typo
18:19:53@essasetic:matrix.orgessasetic MacOS can't natively run .exe files :^)
18:30:17@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoI'm unsure on the .DMG part, because I certainly have not been packaging my .app in a .DMG 😁
18:33:13@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNWell it should be, cause we can't let people download the .app (since it's a folder)
18:36:23@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoI've been putting it in a ZIP thus far
18:36:32@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbilljessewv: does the “wv” in your username happen to stand for West Virginia?
18:36:38@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoSince every Mac can extract ZIP archives
18:36:53@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNmacOS software should be dmg right?
18:36:48@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavado
In reply to @thornbill:matrix.org
jessewv: does the “wv” in your username happen to stand for West Virginia?
I was going to ask this as well
18:37:44@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoNot necessarily
18:38:26@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoDMG is akin to an ISO, and ZIP is, well, ZIP
18:38:42@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoThe DMG benefit is that you don't have to extract files, it just mounts when you open it
18:38:48@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNI know but dmg opens a nice window when double clicked
18:38:56@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavadoand you can do some fancy things, like have a license agreement window, you can style the window
18:39:12@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavadohave shortcuts indicating where things should go (I don't plan on making an installer)
18:39:15@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNAnd you can even put background images
18:39:22@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoYeah
18:39:44@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWell, I think I've found some more inspiration lately to improve the macOS experience, so I will try to do that for 10.4
18:41:33@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNLook at this guy's creation: https://asmaloney.com/2013/07/howto/packaging-a-mac-os-x-application-using-a-dmg/ ;) such scripting
18:44:24@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoI was going to look at the SyncThing wrapper app: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-macos
18:44:45@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoThey've got it all figured out too, including code-signing (which I can do now as a paid Apple dev)
18:45:00@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNAah yes code signing
18:45:04@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaN(you can also do that in Azure CI
18:45:36@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWhich is one of the things I plan to do, as soon as I get a chance to figure out the build
18:45:56@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoI just ran out of time last night/this morning
18:46:02@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavado * I just ran out of time last night/this morning
17 Sep 2019
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