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17 Jan 2021
@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony Lavado:-)21:13:59
@codeh:matrix.orgcrobiberoWe're also about to release version 10.7.0, which should have SyncPlay improvements21:14:08
@freenode_SHAd0lis:matrix.orgSHAd0lisAwesome! Great news!21:14:10
@tiwenty:matrix.orgtiwenty changed their profile picture.21:28:40
@tonyfinn:matrix.orgtonyfinnWhat's been improved in 10.7.0? I tried it with some friends, but with groups >2 often had it getting out of sync, so would be great if that's improved22:06:23
18 Jan 2021
@freenode_SHAd0lis:matrix.orgSHAd0lis I'd also be interested to know what's been improved :) 00:22:38
@freenode_SHAd0lis:matrix.orgSHAd0lisSo, I know audiobook support is probably a ways off (maybe not even a goal), but for now, would it be possible to include a folder view like Emby has? That would really be enough to satisfy me and most people I think when browsing audiobooks.00:25:17
@freenode_branon:matrix.orgbranon I have my audiobooks in folders like Author/Title/<files>.mp3 00:32:51
@freenode_branon:matrix.orgbranonand that seems to work well00:32:56
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@freenode_SHAd0lis:matrix.orgSHAd0lis branon: Ah, I have mine according to book titles. I'll write a script to reorganize them. 22:10:29
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19 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
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21 Jan 2021
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