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31 Aug 2019
@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNAlright now I can't get the uninstaller to actually delete files16:14:57
@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNAnd I fixed it16:25:17
@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNMmm the installer approaches "done" status (yet again)16:25:32
@erayan:matrix.orgEraYaNLook at it go!: https://dev.azure.com/jellyfin-project/jellyfin/_build/results?buildId=70417:18:33
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlyhow you guys debugging when working on this?20:27:09
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadagrafixeyehero I just checked that one looks perfect to me20:42:08
In reply to @dexdeadly:matrix.org
how you guys debugging when working on this?
Rider for server and Chromium for web in my case
In reply to @dexdeadly:matrix.org
how you guys debugging when working on this?
Visual Studio ;)
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadawhat did we need to get the web CI working again?23:34:27
1 Sep 2019
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadly dkanada: how do you have your Rider setup? I love jetbrains tools and just starting to really get into using Rider. I have the copy and I been able to start the instance. I have a copy of the jellyfin-web in the src directory so that I have a front page. Is that the correct way to do it or can you point it to another folder? Right now i'm trying to get a folder scan of my directory with 1 video in it so that I can see what happens when it tries to scan and return into the logs but I'm getting nothing. 00:02:27

Look at it go!: https://dev.azure.com/jellyfin-project/jellyfin/_build/results?buildId=704

Love it !

@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadadexdeadly you shouldnt need to download a separate copy of web, it should just bundle it for you00:12:23
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaany error messages?00:12:35
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlyactually getting a ffprobe error but if I try to scan the sports folder I get nothing. If I scan the folder I tossed one tv show in it shows nothing either00:14:09
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlyI'm guessing its in INFO mode as I see INF for logs. I need to really figure out how to properly setup the environment. I forked the github. Then I used Rider to connect and pull down the files so I have the project locally. That I would say is all fine and Dandy.00:23:00
@sparky:matrix.possumlodge.mesparkyyes. INFO is INF00:24:16
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlythats what I though00:27:49
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlyOk so when I first add the tv directory i get ffprobe for every file it tries to hit, when I do the sports it doesn't even seem to attempt it00:35:58
@dexdeadly:matrix.orgdexdeadlyWhen its running from rider if I try to play a movie I get more ffprobe errors. I guess I need to do more environment setup00:36:33
@mcarlton:matrix.orgmcarltonPR for removing the WAN shenanigans in the kodi addon is in: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-kodi/pull/6001:07:22
@mcarlton:matrix.orgmcarltonand one of you admin-y types can probably merge this one: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-kodi/pull/5701:08:04
@sparky:matrix.possumlodge.mesparkydid it not break chrome?01:08:45
@mcarlton:matrix.orgmcarltonas far as I know, it hasn't been pulled from the server yet, so nobody has tested it. This is just making sure that kodi doesn't barf when it isn't there01:09:50
@mcarlton:matrix.orgmcarltonunless you mean using chromecast and kodi together, in which case I didn't even know that was possible01:10:04

and one of you admin-y types can probably merge this one: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-kodi/pull/57

If this gets merged then this issue can be closed as well


@sparky:matrix.possumlodge.mesparkyno, i mean if chromecast wants the WAN IP01:10:20
@mcarlton:matrix.orgmcarltonah. then no idea. I don't have a chromecast, nor am I smart enough to play around serverside01:11:07
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua Bonifacewell removing the requirement from kodi is a good move anyways01:11:26
@joshuaboniface:bonifacelabs.caJoshua Bonifaceeven if we leave it in the server for another release or two01:11:34

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