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10 Jan 2020
In reply to @rahiakherajot:matrix.org
I have enough stuff
I dont need any support
Who's altराही अखेराजोत
11 Jan 2020
16:57:46@greta:utwente.iogreta joined the room.
15 Jan 2020
07:00:06@rahiakherajot:matrix.orgराही अखेराजोतHello greta how did you got link to this chat
07:28:23@pringleami:matrix.orgJessie that's none of your business indian guy
16 Jan 2020
07:21:12@rahiakherajot:matrix.orgराही अखेराजोत The talk in the room comes to end
Just throw this room into the black hole
Remember to delete #INDIA because it is on the #Earth.
16:25:44@dinodude:matrix.orgdinodudei wish i could delete india irl
16:36:55@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] SilentYeah I agree
16:38:13@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] SilentHey papa john we should yoink more major corporations #s
16:38:28@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silent Alongside countries as well
16:38:34@dinodude:matrix.orgdinodudeim not mod here
16:38:43@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silent We can still yoink links
16:39:58@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silentima_e80fbca.png
16:40:17@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silent:pepelaugh:
16:40:23@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] SilentFuck
16:40:31@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silent* :pepelaugh:
21 Jan 2020
02:49:42@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCat joined the room.
03:00:10@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCat...Are you guys just parking matrix.org room names?
03:00:40@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawk I’m gonna park your family
03:00:54@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCatno u
03:00:58@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawk u
03:01:52@dinodude:matrix.orgdinodudewhen you
03:02:01@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawk Yeah same
03:04:50@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawku
03:05:15@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCat left the room.
17:22:53@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCat joined the room.
19:22:02@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rocksThomCat left the room.
23:47:50@donald:cybre.spacedonald joined the room.

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