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28 Oct 2019
09:42:32@lennymclennington:matrix.orgLenny McLenningtonuuuu
29 Oct 2019
16:03:59@paulmorris:matrix.orgpaulmorris joined the room.
30 Oct 2019
17:24:20@richardyc101:matrix.orgrichardyc101damn dead server
17:24:40@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic HawkDead
19:49:44@costa_rica:matrix.orgToby Flenderson joined the room.
19:50:03@costa_rica:matrix.orgToby FlendersonMm, it is.....
31 Oct 2019
17:36:14@lennymclennington:matrix.orgLenny McLenningtonh
19:40:49@theautismo:matrix.orgAtomic_bomb cock and ball torture
1 Nov 2019
04:14:12@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawk liquidjuice: You alive?
2 Nov 2019
01:10:36@cesvy:matrix.orgcesvythat nigga straight ignored you
01:10:42@cesvy:matrix.orgcesvyhe read ur ping and everything
01:11:31@cesvy:matrix.orgcesvy Jessie: or john could stop being hoe and just use discord without breaking tos
01:17:05@pringleami:matrix.orgJessieImagine doing that
4 Nov 2019
14:53:58@booom_bahaa:matrix.org!Bahaause discords without braking tos?
14:54:02@booom_bahaa:matrix.org!Bahaadude are you fucking retarded?
5 Nov 2019
19:59:46@dinodude:matrix.orgdinodudem.video Event
6 Nov 2019
20:59:28@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silentima_c06c248.jpeg
7 Nov 2019
8 Nov 2019
23:54:19@hornydevil:matrix.orghornydevil set a profile picture.
9 Nov 2019
04:37:07@halcyon-z:matrix.orgHalcyonHoly shit this place died hard af
04:37:54@rushing2meta:matrix.orgArctic Hawk Yeah when John loses faith in something everyone does
10 Nov 2019
05:04:12@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silentima_82e2512.jpeg
05:04:28@silentfj:matrix.org[CBT] Silentima_330ad8d.jpeg
11 Nov 2019
23:02:12@MK73:matrix.org@MK73:matrix.org joined the room.
23:02:51@MK73:matrix.org@MK73:matrix.org left the room.
12 Nov 2019
05:54:13@thunderstar:matrix.orgThunderstar Hello John. It is dong. You recently blacklisted me for spamming bot commands. I would like to tell you that I am sorry and that what I did was very dumb. If I ever am able to use the bot again It won't happen. Thank you for your cooperation.

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