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19 Jan 2021
@gitter_zeorin:matrix.orgXandor Schiefer (Gitter)

Hey all, :wave: I'm running Fish 3.1.2 and I can't get proper Vi mode cursor behaviour in Tmux. I have the following in my config:

set fish_cursor_default block
set fish_cursor_insert line
set fish_cursor_replace_one underscore
set fish_cursor_visual block

which works great when I'm not in Tmux. In Tmux the cursor just remains a block.
Interestingly, I have something similar set up for Readline (using config in .inputrc), where it works fine, e.g. if I switch to Bash.
What could be the problem?

@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) @zeorin In that case fish's detection doesn't think your terminal can do it, most likely because it's lacking a variable like $VTE_VERSION that shows a supporting terminal. Unfortunately even with tmux, we still need to care about the outer terminal. 10:53:15
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)What is tmux running in?10:53:31
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)(in the next version you can set $fish_vi_force_cursor to force fish to do cursor switching when you know it works)10:53:57
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) In particular if your outer terminal is one we can only detect via $TERM like kitty, rxvt or alacritty there is literally no way for us to see you're using them once we're in tmux. 10:54:41
@gitter_zeorin:matrix.orgXandor Schiefer (Gitter) @faho I'm running suckless' Simple Terminal, st 11:16:59
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) @zeorin Yep, only detectable via $TERM, not possible to figure out in tmux. 11:58:16
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)(because tmux replaces $TERM with its own value)12:00:03
@nuss:nusscraft.de@nuss:nusscraft.de left the room.12:00:24
@gitter_zeorin:matrix.orgXandor Schiefer (Gitter) That's a shame. What's the ETA on the next version? 12:12:18
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)No ETA.12:18:16
@gitter_zanchey:matrix.orgDavid Adam (Gitter)soonish though12:26:41
@gitter_filip62_gitlab:matrix.orgFilip Banák (Gitter) If I make Tmux $TERM variable alacritty
Like the outer alacritty terminal has
Things seem to mostly work
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) @Filip62_gitlab Don't. 12:39:26
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) $TERM should accurately reflect whatever terminal you are running. For tmux that means something with screen or tmux. 12:39:47
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)Anything else is asking for trouble.12:39:55
@gitter_filip62_gitlab:matrix.orgFilip Banák (Gitter)That makes sense.12:41:46
@gitter_filip62_gitlab:matrix.orgFilip Banák (Gitter) @faho You can detect alacritty only with $TERM? How do you detect other terminals, what if I set $VTE_VERSION manually? 13:01:27
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter) @Filip62_gitlab Please don't. 13:15:55
@gitter_filip62_gitlab:matrix.orgFilip Banák (Gitter) I won't. You just made me curious. 13:16:23
@gitter_faho:matrix.orgFabian Homborg (Gitter)Leave your terminal settings as they are, if you need set $fish_vi_force_cursor once 3.2 is out. If you want to find out how the detection works read the source.13:16:25
@gitter_filip62_gitlab:matrix.orgFilip Banák (Gitter)Okay.13:16:39
@gitter_zanchey:matrix.orgDavid Adam (Gitter) via HN, but a good read https://hisham.hm/2020/12/18/user-power-not-power-users-htop-and-its-design-philosophy/ 13:31:35
20 Jan 2021
@gitter-badger:gitter.imgitter-badger (The Gitter Badger) joined the room.06:58:57
@ilancosman-5e9d1049d73408ce4fe10582:gitter.imIlanCosman (Ilan Cosman) joined the room.17:56:52
@ilancosman-5e9d1049d73408ce4fe10582:gitter.imIlanCosman (Ilan Cosman) Is there any way to make math view numbers as expressed in hexadecimal? i.e 80 would not be interpreted as 80 but as 128 17:56:52
@ilancosman-5e9d1049d73408ce4fe10582:gitter.imIlanCosman (Ilan Cosman) Nvm, figured it out. Have to prepend the term with 0x 18:00:06
@faho-55c2568b0fc9f982beac5856:gitter.imfaho (Fabian Homborg) joined the room.18:14:36
@faho-55c2568b0fc9f982beac5856:gitter.imfaho (Fabian Homborg) @IlanCosman math --base hex, to be released in 3.2 18:14:37
@faho-55c2568b0fc9f982beac5856:gitter.imfaho (Fabian Homborg) Oh, you mean as input? Yeah, that just needs a 0x 18:14:57

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