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16 Feb 2019
15:51:33@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.orga usb ttl ftdi is ok?
15:51:47@dgiese:matrix.orgdgiesei guess telnet does not work for you?
15:52:08@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: nope cause like an idiot i updated before reading
15:52:32@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.orgi kept an eye on forums but then been away and missed the hack
15:53:09@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.orgI was hoping one can revert the firmware but seems there is no manual method...
15:53:42@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: the good bit is I ordered a dafang one too so I will not bother to update it
15:54:30@dgiese:matrix.orgdgiesenot that i am aware of. In general I should work way better on public relations, as a lot of people are not aware of my work and the patches. The aqara cam 0day was published on Defcon, it took them a while until they fixed it and pushed an update.
15:54:42@dgiese:matrix.orgdgiese(btw: updated the howto in the wiki=
15:55:16@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: great, yap I suspect xiaomi is not very bothered with the western market
15:55:47@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: thanks for the wiki all is more clear now
15:56:29@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: I expect the aqara hub is vulnerable in the same way since the camera is a hub with a camera
15:57:42@dgiese:matrix.orgdgieseThe aqara hub uses a different OS (yocto). Talked about that also in my presentations. However the rooting method is not public yet.
16:01:22@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: interesting about using yocto
16:08:11@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: ok so now I have all the info to play with it.
16:10:06@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org@freenode_drFaustroll:matrix.org dgiese: thank you for your time. I will keep an eye for the flash bit
16:10:23@dgiese:matrix.orgdgieseGood luck ;) sorry for all the delayed information. I am kinda busy to earn money to pay my tuition fees ;) so many ideas but so little time
16:12:39@dgiese:matrix.orgdgieseMy idea for the flash stuff was, that you use tmpfs to copy all required binaries (e.g. telnet, DD, flashcp) or even remount rootfs with a rambased image. That way there would be less risk that the cam crashes while flashing due to access to the old squashfs
16:12:55@dgiese:matrix.orgdgieseDid not have time to write that down
18 Feb 2019
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