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23 Mar 2018
15:35:02@meowwei:awoo.kemo.noMeow Wei left the room.
15:36:59@cadair:cadair.comCadair It always bewilders me that I can spend all day every day looking at Python code, and then go into Synapse and have no freaking clue what's going on
16:43:22@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhwe do our best :/
17:06:04@schnuffle:matrix.org[email protected] changed their display name from SchnuffleMatrix to [email protected]
17:30:14@max:kamax.ioMaximus For those interested, mxisd the Federated Identity server, now has native support for Wordpress for authentication and search of users. More info on #mxisd:kamax.io
17:54:23@cadair:cadair.comCadair richvdh: it's not really synapse's code, I spend all my time doing very different things with Python. (Scientific data for a solar telescope). It's more that there is such variety of libraries in Python that I have no idea how twisted glues all the bits of synapse together.
17:54:55@cadair:cadair.comCadairthe code itself is perfectly readable, maybe just in need of a few more docstrings for when people like me read it lol
17:57:53@kaiyou:tedomum.netkaiyou Well. It's probably less Python or synapse and more the reactor paradigm that makes it hard to read for non-initiates. Doesn't matter that the code is well organized and documented, most people are not accustomed to asynchronous patterns and idiosyncrasies.
17:58:44@kaiyou:tedomum.netkaiyouNot a critic at all, I live it that synapse is written under that paradigm, but it does explain some of the difficulties people have reading the code.
17:59:43@cadair:cadair.comCadairyes, I have very little exposure to async, I have only done a little bit of python 3.5 asyncio
19:16:04@matrix_operator:matrix.orgmatrix_operator joined the room.
20:20:41@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeWhat could go wrong if Synapse automatically released all local aliases of a room, if all remote and local users left it?
20:22:35@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoCoffee: probably not a lot
20:23:05@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpobut you need to remember that info is duplicated in two places (room directory and room state)
20:24:05@travis:t2l.ioTravisRalthough iirc m.room.aliases is not supposed to be considered a legitimate source and is there purely for convenience.
20:25:08@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoTravisR: it is kind of useless after the room has no members
20:25:16@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeevurpo: so release it in two places.
20:33:41@tulir:maunium.nettulirsynapse doesn't know if all remote users have left it unless they leave before the last local user
20:36:00@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeThat would cover a lot of cases though.
20:37:09@tulir:maunium.nettulirmaybe an option to remove aliases if all local users leave?
20:37:46@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeThat could be a second step.
20:38:36@Coffee:matrix.orgCoffeeThe question now is if bad things would happen if Synapse is sure all remote and local users left.
24 Mar 2018
01:14:52@raq:matrix.orgraq joined the room.
01:20:50@raq:matrix.orgraqHi, is there anyone who consider (or at least may be able to help) to pick up the unfinished Jira bot and make it work? https://github.com/matrix-org/go-neb/tree/master/src/github.com/matrix-org/go-neb/services/jira
05:40:50@freenode_scared:matrix.orgscared (IRC) left the room.
05:50:07@freenode_scared:matrix.orgscared (IRC) joined the room.
06:13:43@joel:joeltherrien.cajoel joined the room.
10:41:49@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneJust in case, asking the same question from yesterday again: Is it correct to assume that if an "invite" member event doesn't have is_direct flag it is equivalent to it having is_direct flag set to false? Case in point: I send a follow-up invite to the same user after creating a room (but before he/she accepts my invite) - should I expect this second invite to include is_direct flag at landing on the invitee's client?
10:46:51@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewi believe a missing is_direct flag should be treated by heuristics - ie if it’s into a 1:1 room room then assume it’s a dm
11:32:57@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Ok, so "don't change" semantics - thanks.

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