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25 May 2018
17:37:44@spacebug:1bit.sespacebug thanks digital
19:12:43@raghung:matrix.orgraghungCan anyone tell me what kind of conversation happen in @server:matrix.org ? Thanks.
19:14:01@eta:theta.eu.orgeta (η) raghung: it's a room for the matrix.org admins to send you important server notices, like asking you to consent to their GDPR privacy policy
19:15:18@raghung:matrix.orgraghung Thanks eta (η)
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20:16:11@tsuggs:matrix.orgtsuggs changed their display name from Tim to tsuggs.
20:27:11@freenode_adru:matrix.org@freenode_adru:matrix.org joined the room.
22:38:14@franzfifty:matrix.org@franzfifty:matrix.org joined the room.
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23:38:24@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam I'm tinkering with building some matrix stuff in julia, but I'm honestly having trouble figuring out what to call the package implementing the matrix CS protocol. Because julia is intended primarily for scientific computing, anything with the word "matrix" in it will automatically be assumed to have something to do with linear algebra or similar. :/
23:58:40@freenode_f0x:matrix.orgf0x (IRC) joined the room.
23:58:42@freenode_f0x:matrix.orgf0x (IRC) maybe add something like 'im' or 'chat' in the name?
23:59:35@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adamdon't want to sell matrix short, though.
23:59:52@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adamvision is/was much broader than im.
26 May 2018
00:00:11@freenode_f0x:matrix.orgf0x (IRC)true
00:00:22@freenode_f0x:matrix.orgf0x (IRC)maybe matrix-protocol?
00:44:05@organix:matrix.orgorganix changed their profile picture.
01:09:53@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adamcould work. Thanks for the idea.
01:10:50@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamAlso toying with MatrixAPIsomethingorother
01:30:37@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew*vision is :P
01:31:01@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewmatrix api or matrix protocol both seem good disambiguations from the pesky linear maths things
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04:29:38@TimePath:timepath.xyzTimePaththis room keeps highlighting me for some reason
08:24:47@tulir:maunium.nettulirsome problem with synapse 0.30 and the depth attack
08:29:05@jason:zemos.netJason tulir: ¿que problemo señor?
08:34:41@jason:zemos.netJasonmust be too many DAG chunks in your poop
29 Apr 2018
03:21:06@jason:zemos.netJasonRedacted or Malformed Event
03:23:40@jason:zemos.netJasonRedacted or Malformed Event
03:32:30@freenode_nosce_te_ipsum:matrix.orgnosce_te_ipsum (IRC) joined the room.

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