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14 Dec 2017
18:55:58@jzk:matrix.orgjzkYou spend more than a new jersey italian housewife
18:56:25@jzk:matrix.orgjzkYou should get your own american express centurion black card for this
19:20:19@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai Also, what's the correct room for my last question? HQ?
19:33:46@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhhere's fine
19:35:22@gergely:polonkai.euGergely PolonkaiAnd back to the games thing, are widgets documented somewhere?
19:35:47@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai Maybe Slacks threads aren't that bad, however I dislike them
19:35:54@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhhttps://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-doc/issues/1089 telss the story there
19:58:29@gergely:polonkai.euGergely PolonkaiHm… AFAIU, if I implement, say, tic-tac-toe as a widget, would it be still able to send/receive events?
19:58:49@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkais/AFAIU//
20:00:30@travis:t2l.ioTravisRNot arbitrarily, but you could use the bot options event. For arbitrary events: https://github.com/vector-im/riot-web/issues/4926 For bot options: https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-dimension/blob/master/docs/scalar_client_api.md#get-defined-options-for-a-bot
20:07:17@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai Doesn't look like what I planned; I thought I would control the game with Matrix events
20:11:54@travis:t2l.ioTravisRYou could store the state of the game in a single event, but yea, there's no notify method :(
20:12:05@travis:t2l.ioTravisRa bot counterpart could sit in the room and pilot the events though
20:16:47@gergely:polonkai.euGergely PolonkaiThat first thing may work; also, a full fledged client with access token and such seems to be an overkill
20:31:55@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew i think Rick has been working on extending the postmessage API to let widgets access events
20:32:03@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewbut it isn't part of the matrix spec (yet)
20:32:10@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewformally or othewrise.
20:37:04@travis:t2l.ioTravisRI'd be very interested to see drafts of that ftr
20:41:19@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewi don't know if there's any doc; i'd assume it's just sitting in ScalarMessaging in react-sdk?
20:42:49@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThere's not been much there yet. Might be stuck somewhere on a local branch.
20:48:08@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewi haven't had a chance to check myself
21:34:02@bookworm:retobrunner.chbookworm changed their profile picture.
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15 Dec 2017
01:40:40@tomey:nethole.usTomey joined the room.

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