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10 Sep 2017

While we try to sort this, Please use #freenode_#drupal-in:matrix.org for now

which issue are you refering to?

12 Sep 2017
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamarohttps://www.drupal.org/node/2490332#comment-12241395 <- shashikanth171 slack folks pushed the D.A. to close the IRC integration with matrix09:04:39
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamaroeven for local community channels09:04:49
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamarowhich i don't agree09:04:56
@lpalgarvio:matrix.orglpalgarvio joined the room.22:46:05
17 Sep 2017
@ranjithraj:matrix.orgRanjith Raj V ricardoamaro: What if the local community is interested to bridge? 15:19:56
@ranjithraj:matrix.orgRanjith Raj VDoes DA has a problem with this too?15:20:11
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamaro Ranjith Raj Vasam: many... join #bridgedrupal:matrix.org 23:18:34
18 Sep 2017
@ranjithraj:matrix.orgRanjith Raj V ricardoamaro: I'm already in the group :) 19:33:21
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamaroRedacted or Malformed Event19:34:25
1 Oct 2017
@lpalgarvio:matrix.orglpalgarvio invited @lpalgarvio:drupalch.at@lpalgarvio:drupalch.at.01:46:03
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5 Nov 2017
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17 Nov 2017
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30 Nov 2017
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21 Dec 2017
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22 Dec 2017
@ranjithraj:matrix.orgRanjith Raj V changed their display name from Ranjith Raj Vasam to Ranjith Raj V.08:26:58
28 Dec 2017
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3 Jan 2018
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14 Mar 2018
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19 Jun 2018
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3 Aug 2018
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15 Aug 2018
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamaro changed their display name from ricardoamaro[m] to ricardoamaro.14:28:35
16 Aug 2018
@ricardoamaro:matrix.orgricardoamaro invited @appservice-irc:matrix.org@appservice-irc:matrix.org.09:10:52
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