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11 Jan 2022
@lucascastro:matrix.orgLucas Castro changed their display name from lucascastro to Lucas Castro.22:00:53
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12 Jan 2022
@ankesh054:matrix.organkesh set a profile picture.04:46:05
@ankesh054:matrix.organkesh changed their display name from ankesh054 to ankesh.04:46:14
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13 Jan 2022
@rirpiger:matrix.orgRirpViger changed their display name from Rirp to RirpViger.10:58:40
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14 Jan 2022
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@moukout:matrix.orgmoukout joined the room.08:03:22
15 Jan 2022
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@johnprairie:matrix.orgJohn Prairie joined the room.01:01:38
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16 Jan 2022
@wakkowarner:matrix.orgWakko joined the room.08:26:09
17 Jan 2022
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@himmer:matrix.orgJochen Himmer joined the room.10:17:17
18 Jan 2022
@gstankov:matrix.orggstankov joined the room.08:10:18
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19 Jan 2022
@paddatrapper:one.ems.hostKyle Robbertze set a profile picture.11:39:32
@shulkk:matrix.org0x8FF changed their display name from Shulkk to 0x8FF.19:34:32
@jmcnaught:matrix.orgJeremy joined the room.22:35:44
21 Jan 2022
@jimsi:matrix.orgJimmy Carrera joined the room.09:53:29
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22 Jan 2022
@lucascastro:matrix.orgLucas Castro changed their profile picture.12:56:39
23 Jan 2022
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