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15 Nov 2019
20:13:54@hyperlink_your_heart:matrix.orghyperlink_your_heart Cobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap): What sort of media are you running your project off there? is it an NTFS partition?
20:17:08@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap)EXT4, I think?
20:17:16@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap) * EXT4, I think?
20:17:55@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap)It's stored on the same media the OS is installed on.
20:21:00@hyperlink_your_heart:matrix.orghyperlink_your_heartOk. The path to it in that command is a bit unusual is why I ask (/media/cobradabest/1EA416F2A416CBE1/Users/Cobradabest/Documents/Pinkeye/project), it kind of suggests it is on external media or a partition that is not automounted
20:21:45@hyperlink_your_heart:matrix.orghyperlink_your_heartI dunno if it would be relevant anyway
20:21:45@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap)It's on a Windows partition.
20:21:54@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap)But the problem also happens when I copy it to the Ubuntu partition.
20:22:44@hyperlink_your_heart:matrix.orghyperlink_your_heartok, that rules that out as the issue anyway!
20:23:33@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap)Yeah
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21:27:18@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap) * Yeah
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16 Nov 2019
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12:40:25@Biep:matrix.orgBiepHi! I have Luks-encrypted my hard drive, and the volume has the name sd5_crypt. So whenever the computer is started, I am asked to give the password for sd5_crypt. Is it possible to rename this volume and get a less "cryptic" message? I am afraid to try, because if it doesn't work nothing will work anymore.
12:42:49@Biep:matrix.orgBiepIf it can be renamed, are there special restrictions on the name - other than what Linux would refuse anyway when I try? Maybe the code dealing with the initial decryption cannot deal with certain characters, or with long names, or ...?
12:49:11@Biep:matrix.orgBiepDifferent issue: aptitude has a bug where it mixes kB and MB - whereas the bar shows the same unit is meant:
12:50:29@Biep:matrix.orgBiepAs the bar is a little over a quarter, obviously the two units ought to be the same. This happens a lot.
15:03:06@Biep:matrix.orgBiep * As the bar is a little over a quarter, obviously the two units ought to be the same. This happens a lot.
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20:51:56@jossdu69:matrix.orgJosselin No idea, I do not rename it.
Somebody knows about a way to start the session where I left the last session in gnome?
17 Nov 2019
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