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Open roleplay! https://discord.gg/4FvNev9XT7 RULES (Read these for the love of god) 1. DO NOT bring political OR religious debate into this room whatsoever. This will result in a five minute mute. If you fail to comply, you will be kicked and/or banned. 2. You do not have an issue with a roleplayer, its an issue with the character. And it shouldn't even be an issue, its roleplay. It has no affects on your real life, so stop crying. 3. Mute evasion (changing your display name to talk) is not allowed. You will first get muted for longer, if you continue this then you will get kicked and/or banned. 4. Ban evasion is not allowed. Why would you even try it? 5. Do not post hentai in chat. That will result in your post being deleted and you will be given a warning. If you continue this then you will get another warning, and so on. 6. No one hitting other characters. Follow basic roleplay rules for the love of god. No Ero roleplay in here either. OC deaths must be agreed upon. No more, no less. 7. Racist shitposters are not to ever be allowed here, any racism in general will not be allowed here. Follow these rules, and you will be fine in this room. 1st warning: A simple punishment, your post will be deleted and you will be asked nicely not to post what you posted again. 3rd warning: If you get to this warning then you will be muted for 5-10 minutes after your post has been removed. 5th warning: If you get to your 5th warning then you will be kicked and muted for an entire day. 7th warning: If you get to this then you're out buddy, you'll be banned after this and will have to make an appeal to be unbanned. Any warnings in between the major ones are just the same as the previous just a bit harsher.31 Servers

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