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14 Jan 2021
@_discord_733880443882963056:opensuse.orgNing this is what happens when you make people just a tiny bit more communist and a tiny bit more pissed about noise pollution 16:51:31
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ Oh 16:58:01
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ I see 16:58:03
@iodine:halogen.cityiodine Ning: I think you might like at least the setting of a game called Ring of Red. 17:26:21
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineA two state Japan which becomes the landscape of its own "Korean War" but with mecha.17:27:34
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ mecha 17:28:32
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ hot 17:28:33
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineHathaway soon fellow robotoman.17:29:14
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineOh and I guess another Evangelion Rebuild is coming out.17:29:32
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineBut that's less exciting.17:29:37
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ it got delayed bad 17:38:56
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ it was meant to be out in sep 17:39:03
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ last year 17:39:10
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineGimme the Gundam17:50:16
@iodine:halogen.cityiodineI need the Gundam17:50:28
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ can someone finish my drawing for me 18:00:51
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ i cba 18:00:52
15 Jan 2021
@_discord_599841856288981003:opensuse.orgaceofstars .そのけ show me 02:00:17
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ changed their display name from .そのけ to Ke_trab#1369.04:33:04
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ changed their display name from Ke_trab#1369 to .そのけ.04:33:05
Download image0-2.png
@_discord_599841856288981003:opensuse.orgaceofstars what do you want finished? 05:01:53
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ The line art cleaned up and coloured in 05:12:15
@_discord_599841856288981003:opensuse.orgaceofstars I might be able to do it later depending on my workload lol 05:12:47
@_discord_796282160767172630:opensuse.orgNathan cool, now draw her farting 05:53:01
@_discord_796282160767172630:opensuse.orgNathan I really wanna commission like some middle or highschool artist to draw some bullshit 05:53:48
@_discord_796282160767172630:opensuse.orgNathan then say some shit like that and then argue with them about it 05:54:01
@_discord_599841856288981003:opensuse.orgaceofstars lmao 06:31:47
@_discord_599841856288981003:opensuse.orgaceofstars do it 06:31:48
@_discord_136190644564525057:opensuse.org.そのけ Funny 07:32:36

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