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22 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_U01S68TFGQJ:matrix.orgNathalie Balsiger Hello dear mappers, I would like to map in Bangladesh, project 12826. As the imagery is very bad, not really loading (maxar premium) would you recommend to use bing instead? Thank you for your feedback 15:02:39
@_slack_hotosm_U01S68TFGQJ:matrix.orgNathalie Balsiger or is it working for everyone else? 15:08:02
@_slack_hotosm_U01CATJ28E8:matrix.orgKraan46 No, Maxar is not downlaodig properly for the moment (see also a few messages in the TM channel). 15:09:20
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23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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26 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_UE99K1ET0:matrix.orgssekitoleko Yes make it possible to upload like this normal mapped data in JOSM. 09:27:47
@_slack_hotosm_U0377D2HG8Z:matrix.orgPanique Hi there, I’ve started mapping in Bangladesh. I’ve come across an incorrectly mapped area outside my task. Would it be ok for me to remove those parts mapped as buildings which they aren’t? 18:40:30
@_slack_hotosm_U35A20RUZ:matrix.orgmichael63 After a bit of investigating I assume that you talk about the neighbourhood of task 28 in project 12823. Please indicate this information when asking questions - it helps a lot to assess the situation. You are completely correct that this existing mapping is outright wrong. Remove it and be nice and let the previous mapper know that his mapping does not match reality. CTRL-SHIFT-H after selecting a feature shows you the history and there is a link to the OpenStreetMap profile of the person who edited the feature. In your case this person really just started mapping thus be nice but make the point clear that this is not considered helpful. 19:05:26
@_slack_hotosm_U0377D2HG8Z:matrix.orgPaniqueRedacted or Malformed Event19:08:23
@_slack_hotosm_U0377D2HG8Z:matrix.orgPanique Thanks a lot, this helps. Might be the time of day that I forgot to mention something as logical. In the future I will provide a bit more info 😉. 19:10:00
27 Jun 2022
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@vorpalblade77-kaart:matrix.orgTaylor Smock
In reply to @_slack_hotosm_UE99K1ET0:matrix.org
Yes make it possible to upload like this normal mapped data in JOSM.
Erm. You can? You just have to add the data to the OSM data layer (Data -> MapWithAI -> Add Data or the default keyboard shortcut of shift+a). For various reasons (namely import guidelines), I will not make it possible to upload the MapWithAI layer directly. The whole idea is for a user to look at each feature and decide if it makes sense.
28 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022
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