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30 Aug 2019
08:50:53@tiho:matrix.orgtihomay I share a problem with my Nextcloud configuration here?
08:56:13@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiYa just do and maybe someone knows something about it..
09:01:06@tiho:matrix.orgtihoAfter I did an update to 16.0.4 in my admin account I have emty pages for Apps and Users. So I cannot enable the disabled apps during the update. Is that known bug or something wrong happened during the update? Thanks.
09:01:12@tiho:matrix.orgtihoin advance
09:02:10@tiho:matrix.orgtihoNow for example second factor authentication does not work for users because is not enabled
09:17:06@turrican:raumdock.deturrican tiho: I've had a similar problem with an update of the contacts app. Unfortunately I don't remember the solution. But it involved force-reloading the empty page with Ctrl + Shift + R after an otherwise successful update, have you tried that?
09:20:24@tiho:matrix.orgtihoThanks turican
09:20:50@tiho:matrix.orgtihois this needs to be done in the browser or?
09:21:02@turrican:raumdock.deturricanYes, in the browser.
09:23:31@tiho:matrix.orgtihonothing is going on when I execute these keystrokes
09:24:11@tiho:matrix.orgtihoI am working from Mac. Is this matters?
09:24:50@turrican:raumdock.deturricanBTW you can enable or disable the nextcloud apps via the command line if you've got root access to your server, see https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/admin_manual/configuration_server/occ_command.html#apps-commands .
09:25:05@turrican:raumdock.deturricanNo, I don't think that matters.
09:26:01@turrican:raumdock.deturricanBut maybe the key combination you have to press is another one on a Mac, I don't know.
09:33:23@tiho:matrix.orgtihoThanks for support turican
09:33:36@tiho:matrix.orgtihoit appeared to be browser problem
09:33:58@tiho:matrix.orgtihoI loged in from Chrome in Windows OS and was ok
09:35:00@turrican:raumdock.deturricanI'm glad I could help 🙂
3 Sep 2019
20:01:46@mcbong:matrix.orgmcbong joined the room.
20:01:56@mcbong:matrix.orgmcbongeinen wunderschönen :)
20:02:21@mcbong:matrix.orgmcbonghoffe mir kann jemand helfen nach der installation auf nem raspi 4 mit openmediavault
8 Sep 2019
17:16:40@l_inus:netzgemeinde.eul_inus joined the room.
11 Sep 2019
08:15:52@maiestro:matrix.orgmaiestro@mcbong: Um was gehts? Schau Dir vielleicht erst mal folgendes an: https://www.technikaffe.de/anleitung-402-howto_nextcloud_unter_openmediavault_3_inkl._fail2ban
08:16:50@maiestro:matrix.orgmaiestroHat hier jemand schon Nextcloud 17 Beta 2 testweise im Einsatz?
12 Sep 2019
20:16:15@ht81:matrix.orght81 joined the room.
13 Sep 2019
07:03:34@ht81:matrix.orght81Hallo zusammen,
07:04:28@ht81:matrix.orght81Ich habe noch die NC 16.0.4 im Einsatz. Gibt es schon eine Liste welche Features es in der NC17 geben wird?
In reply to @ht81:matrix.org
Ich habe noch die NC 16.0.4 im Einsatz. Gibt es schon eine Liste welche Features es in der NC17 geben wird?
09:36:25@ht81:matrix.orght81Redacted or Malformed Event

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