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18 Sep 2022
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan Samokhinimage.jpeg
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@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinIt looks exactly like this, but branded DEXP (Russian retail network)19:01:08
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMris it widi or you need to connect it to your wifi router?19:02:00
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMri mean it need to be connected to the same network in wich you are connected with the phone? or is it a wifi direct device?19:03:23
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinWidi - no shared network needed. Wifi direct.19:10:43
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMrok, i asked becouse to me , the mirroring work on my smart tv(connected to my home network) and its not working on my chinese dongle that is wifi direct19:12:34
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinTake notice mine is fullHD and around 20$19:15:39
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinWhere are cheaper models - with low res and negative feedback19:17:15
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMrmine its an hengstar about same price19:17:35
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMrand full hd too19:17:43
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinAre you on dev branch? Where was some changes on widi recently.19:22:11
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan SamokhinMine on dev from 2022-09-1619:23:07
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMrnope i'm on stable19:23:17
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMrmine look like this one19:26:52
@telegram_323953376:t2bot.ioMranyway found on ubuntu's forum that aethercast its not compatible with all dongles19:28:57
19 Sep 2022
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20 Sep 2022
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@joelselvaraj:matrix.orgJoel Selvaraj
In reply to @telegram_2014290035:t2bot.io
I confirm it working flawlessly. Even with Chinese dongle.
Cool! So i have to just include the property to the overlay i think?
@telegram_5685263494:t2bot.io@telegram_5685263494:t2bot.ioRedacted or Malformed Event18:26:45
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan Samokhin
In reply to @joelselvaraj:matrix.org
Cool! So i have to just include the property to the overlay i think?
For now yes.
@telegram_2014290035:t2bot.ioIvan Samokhin But now devs searching new way to do it: https://gitlab.com/ubports/development/core/lomiri-system-settings/-/issues/320 18:31:27
22 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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26 Sep 2022
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