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28 Nov 2022
@dbkb:libera.chatdbkbthey publish an orbituary04:38:18
@mrdata:libera.chatmrdataLando-SpacePimp, that doesnt look intentional04:38:58
@Lando-SpacePimp:libera.chatLando-SpacePimpmrdata, it is05:00:46
@Lando-SpacePimp:libera.chatLando-SpacePimpmrdata, https://space.stackexchange.com/questions/53727/why-does-the-minotaur-i-wear-a-yellow-jacket-that-banana-peels-off-as-it-launc05:01:27
@title:libera.chattitle [ launch - Why does the Minotaur I wear a yellow jacket that "banana-peels" off as it launches? - Space Exploration Stack Exchange ] 05:01:30
@Lando-SpacePimp:libera.chatLando-SpacePimptl;dr even solid rocket fuel likes to be at a particular temperature05:02:01
@Lando-SpacePimp:libera.chatLando-SpacePimp so they put a blanket on it when it's not launched from an air conditioned silo 05:02:24
@Lando-SpacePimp:libera.chatLando-SpacePimpmrdata, much like hats for bats keep bats warm05:17:28
@toner:libera.chattonerkitten mittens!06:03:31
@fenn:libera.chatfennmutton buttons06:06:03
@title:libera.chattitle [ Visiting the Apollo exhibit at Seattle's Museum of Flight (17m58s) CuriousMarc ] 06:56:24
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerSo if you're in a Mercury capsule awaiting launch, could you fall asleep?07:29:45
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerOr would you be wound up?07:29:53
@rastan:libera.chatrastan I'd be freezing cold cause mercury is only solid below -39C 07:31:21
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill Pittenger
In reply to @rastan:libera.chat
I'd be freezing cold cause mercury is only solid below -39C
That was a reference to Gordon Cooper's launch on the final Mercury flight. He did sleep on the pad.
@title:libera.chattitle[ China Welcomes Foreign Astronauts to Its Space Station (1m16s) CCTV+ China Space Station ]09:00:55
@Althego:libera.chatAlthegowait a sec09:12:26
@Althego:libera.chatAlthegorussians cant reach it09:12:31
@Althego:libera.chatAlthegonasa is not allowed to cooperate with them09:12:56
@Althego:libera.chatAlthegobut esa is09:13:02
@Althego:libera.chatAlthegoor maybe they can just get a ride on a shenzhou09:15:41
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@|encKe|:libera.chat|encKe| /me yawns13:57:49
@|encKe|:libera.chat|encKe|mornin all13:58:12

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