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24 Jan 2022
@raptop:libera.chatraptopI mean, getting a jacket, shoes, and mask is a lot less effort than a few hours of prebreathing, sure04:47:38
@raptop:libera.chatraptop(see, my apartment has interior hallways)04:47:43
@Ashstar:libera.chatAshstarlol Shadow04:48:19
@dbkb:libera.chatdbkbthe only booster i like is solid and rocket04:48:21
@Shadow404:libera.chatShadow404darwin meet dbkb 04:48:57
@MetricT2:libera.chatMetricT2 joined the room.04:49:40
@raptop:libera.chatraptop I'd recommend against putting APCP or the like in your blood 04:49:53
@raptop:libera.chatraptop(appropriately chosen mRNA is fine)04:50:35
@join_subline:libera.chatjoin_subline oh right, i already did my 'submarine and space podcast'. i forgot... "Submarines & space" (15m, 80MB, 12021-12-01T1700Z#3) | 📼 https://0x0.st/-hma.webm 04:52:03
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@dbkb:libera.chatdbkb dont be a liquid-supremacist Shadow404, srb's are awesome 04:54:20
@petschge:libera.chatpetschge except you can't switch them off 04:54:35
@dbkb:libera.chatdbkb*in sanders voice* and thats a good thing!04:55:16
@Shadow404:libera.chatShadow404might i remind you: https://youtu.be/_KuGizBjDXo?t=2404:55:34
@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: Destroyed in Seconds- Chemical Plant Explosion - YouTube04:55:35
@Shadow404:libera.chatShadow404thats what you want to put in your blood04:56:02
@dbkb:libera.chatdbkbdont inject rocket fuel04:56:49
@join_subline:libera.chatjoin_subline 23:12 "give me a sub" | "and Im game" -> oh, i forgot. here's your ticket. Your ticket number is #519, departing 12043-08-16. https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/subline-tickets . i have to politician promise you that your ride will be ready by then. anybody else needs a nft poorman's etherpad blockchain submarine ride ticket. fake it till we make it, right. 05:04:21
@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: OpenDev Etherpad05:04:23
@Jora:libera.chat@Jora:libera.chat joined the room.05:09:40
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@mrdata:libera.chatmrdataraptor 2 test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yPTH5K-Izk05:40:33
@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: SpaceX Raptor 2 Test (zoomed in closer) - YouTube05:40:34
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@Ashstar:libera.chatAshstar so, what's going on with Starship? 05:47:13
@Ashstar:libera.chatAshstarwhere they at?05:47:31

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