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21 Jun 2021
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@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: Space Oddity - YouTube14:00:37
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@dbkb:libera.chatdbkbhttps://youtu.be/q_AcG4ZQItg See a satellite chunk burn up in plasma wind tunnel test14:11:48
@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: See a satellite chunk burn up in plasma wind tunnel test - YouTube14:11:49
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@fenn:libera.chatfennhoist rated for 1200 tons http://youtu.be/XZ0eXwdGWTw?t=6m13s15:13:26
@arcusbot:hacklab.fiArcusBotTitle: Huge Hoist for the Orbital Launch Tower Installed | SpaceX Boca Chica - YouTube15:13:37
@Urchin[emacs]:libera.chatUrchin[emacs]At the end of the hall we entered a large room filled with tables, benches, large metal lamps on tall stands, test tubes, jars and bottles, and several strange-looking machines. I knew at once that the good times were over, and we must now pay the price. A squad of doctors, nurses, and technicians fell upon us. We were in the eager hands of the postflight medical team.15:15:35
@fenn:libera.chatfenn4x1500hp motors, looks like the hoist is going at the base of the launch tower to run the catcher15:20:42
@awahl1138:matrix.orgAlex1138astronauts' hatred of doctors was well known15:20:57
@dukwon:libera.chatdukwondid someone paste a novel?15:21:14
@dukwon:libera.chatdukwonscrollback looking dense15:21:23

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