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28 Mar 2023
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerThe main map is one I did a long time ago.17:54:54
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballand you say this track is in America? :D17:56:22
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballI am impressed!17:56:27
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerCentral Florida.17:57:06
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerSouth of Orlando.17:57:11
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill Pittenger JoePinball: Flat as a pancake given it's a former (and current) airport. ☹️ 18:00:14
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerNot that Florida is known for having hills.18:02:22
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballflat, with occasional wetness.18:03:54
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerThe wall around the track are thick and unforgiving.18:04:56
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballmuch like a rival bunch of football supporters then.18:05:29
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill Pittenger
In reply to @JoePinball:libera.chat
much like a rival bunch of football supporters then.
And they "support" the game how?
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballdont ask me, I dont follow football18:32:28
@pjb:libera.chatpjbI would be Florida, I would grow hills, just to try to deflect typhoons.19:10:40
@kcrow:libera.chatkcrowFlorida does have some steep landfills towering over their source: a local city19:45:35
@kcrow:libera.chatkcrowMt. Trashmore for examle19:46:02
@superkuh:libera.chatsuperkuh https://arxiv.org/abs/2303.14917 "Science opportunities with solar sailing smallsats" - on a Technology Demonstration Mission for a sun-diver style mission small photon sail with "greater than 5 AU/yr hyperbolic egress velocity." 20:44:45
@title:libera.chattitle[ [2303.14917] Science opportunities with solar sailing smallsats ]20:44:45
@superkuh:libera.chatsuperkuhSpecial consideration given to future solar gravitational lens uses.20:45:47
@petschge:libera.chatpetschge that's a wild mix of affiliations. "Pasadena people and drinking buddies" apparently 20:48:11
@superkuh:libera.chatsuperkuhre: landfill mountains, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Testaccio20:55:53
@title:libera.chattitle[ Monte Testaccio - Wikipedia ]20:55:53
@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.21:15:10
@astroo-:libera.chatastroo-hello people21:27:40
@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.21:28:35
@JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinballhi astroo-21:43:41
* @JoePinball:libera.chatJoePinball wubbles astroo-21:43:46

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