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10 Mar 2017
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@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake Solutionshttp://www.cakesolutions.net/studenthack23:22:14
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@Flav:matrix.orgFlavCan I have my cake and eat it as well?23:24:08
@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake Solutionsonly if you pass our tech test! :-)23:25:42
@Flav:matrix.orgFlav Is the first challenge opening your website? Cause I'm failing miserably #potatoWi-Fi 23:26:42
@162680:matrix.orgAnaisFlav: the organising team is working into getting the wi-fi back ASAP, we apologise for the inconvenience23:28:09
@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake Solutionsok ill summarise in text!23:30:14
@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake SolutionsLet’s face it. Doorbells are boring. Together we can change this. Let’s make them more exciting: Can technology make the doorbell more connected? From object detection to facial recognition, IoT platforms are the latest innovations in technology: Making your home more connected has never been so relevant. Being a top operating engineer is all about asking the right questions: Can we combine open source technologies and innovative thinking to create the next generation doorbell? Tech Pointers: Think OpenCV for object detection, alerting API’s and maybe even some facial recognition with open face or other recognition libraries. Don’t worry about hardware at this point, a working demo using a webcam is more than sufficient. Its cool enough for a hackathon :) Submit your hack to the sponsor challenge for the chance to win a big bag of techie goodness23:31:09
@robbo:matrix.orgRob the VolunteerCould it detect a red jacket of a royal mail post man?23:33:03
@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake Solutionsthere are some really interesting ML problems here. how about dectecting Carers / police / paramedics? The Amazon Delivery guy!23:37:24
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11 Mar 2017
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@175213:matrix.orgLeonie @ CakeHow's everyone getting on? Has anyone passed out from the heat yet?!13:21:38
@robbo:matrix.orgRob the VolunteerIt's cold outside teehee13:51:56
@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake SolutionsIs anyone working on the Cake Solutions challenge and wants / needs some help?13:56:23
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@lashford:matrix.orgAlex @ Cake Solutionscheck out the gist for an exaple of controlling the robot15:22:19

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