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27 Apr 2021
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28 Apr 2021
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@scrafi:matrix.orgSCRAFIHi, does somebody know how the setting "Mediaquality: Tracks with a smaller filesize will be choosen" works? I tried uploading a MP3 version for mobile play to my funkwhale instance, but the app still plays the flac version, am I doing it wrong?13:46:31
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakI never actually tried to upload music from Otter..18:02:44
@Creak:matrix.orgCreak* I never actually tried to upload music from Otter..18:02:56
29 Apr 2021
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitWasn't aware that was a feature? Doesn't the MP3 version list as an entirely separate track, i.e. Funkwhale's database won't relate the two.09:20:55
@scrafi:matrix.orgSCRAFIIm not sure how the feature is supposed to work since Funkwhale skips the lower quality version while uploading because the Album already exist 10:32:57
@scrafi:matrix.orgSCRAFIMaybe this feature is supposed to trigger transcoding from the server, but it doesnt look like it does 10:33:51
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitYeah, I'd say it's the latter as 2 separate files would be 2 separate Django entries unless they're both tagged with Picard so have the exact same mbids at which point Funkwhale will reject any duplicates11:15:06
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitRegardless of file types11:15:16
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30 Apr 2021
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4 May 2021
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11 May 2021
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14 May 2021
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakI got some trouble ending Otter on Android17:06:14
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakI stop the song and close the app, but the notification stays there17:06:42
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakOnly solution I found is to kill the app entirely17:06:56
@juniorjpdj:juniorjpdj.plJuniorJPDJ_Mine is crashing for example and it makes it unusable17:19:26
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitWhat version are you using?19:40:54
@amoonrabbit:matrix.orgamoonrabbitThe store version right? Not the tip-release from github? I've not had too many crashes on the store release compare to the tip release, but both are in need of fixes still. I understand Apognu has other things to be doing right now, but it's been quite a while.23:28:21
16 May 2021
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakStore version, yep14:06:00
17 May 2021
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