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23 Sep 2021
@_discord_739497344780992564:t2bot.ioAndew Membrane is ok but the height is what is the problem for me...all of them have very less height compared to my keyboard 14:45:30
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Good membranes are still infinitely better than whatever the fuck you find in school 14:46:37
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase agreed 14:46:57
@_discord_739497344780992564:t2bot.ioAndew What are your thoughts on those silicon gelly keyboards 14:47:14
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh The what 14:47:23
@_discord_739497344780992564:t2bot.ioAndew They are flexy silicone aka foldable keyboards 14:48:15
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Why 14:48:27
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase ok 14:48:55
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase no 14:48:57
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase just 14:48:58
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase no 14:48:59
@_discord_739497344780992564:t2bot.ioAndew Dunno...maybe waterproof? Are they? 14:49:01
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh That's going to be the mushiest thing you'll ever feel 14:49:15
@_discord_739497344780992564:t2bot.ioAndew lmao 14:49:32
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh More than a fucking octopus 14:49:36
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase if you gimme a choice of using that abomination and OSK with touchpadd, ill choose the later 14:50:07
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh What's osk 14:50:20
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase on screen keyboard 14:50:23
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Oh 14:50:29
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh No o would take silicone 14:50:40
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase that thing is not meant to be used 14:50:41
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh My skin is super dry for paper (I can't turn pages or separate pages), but it's just the stickiest experience with glass 14:51:50
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Which I hate 14:51:55
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh I'd love touchscreens if they felt the way dry paper feels to my fingers 14:52:38
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.io[object Object]#7184 I hate touchscreens 17:41:23
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.io[object Object]#7184 except on my phone 17:41:27
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.io[object Object]#7184 all other touchscreens are bad 17:41:32
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Even on my phone, the feel of a touchscreen feels very repulsive 17:53:23
@_discord_840301199332474910:t2bot.ioAsh Some laptop trackpads are really good feeling in terms of the material (don't ask about actual performance, I don't like trackpads) 17:54:19
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioaqil#7927 Andew bro why are you never on when i am 23:10:26

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