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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam What is this avatar 13:34:35
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Looks smug 13:34:51
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual yuuka from blue archive 13:35:46
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual my previous 1 avatar is her too 13:35:54
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.ioαη∂єω https://youtube.com/live/vwKEsjJoNAs 19:58:20
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.ioαη∂єω doing it again 19:58:25
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman smh imagine not using Adam's terminal plugin 21:23:42
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman :3 21:24:56
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman stream crashed? 21:38:43
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman saved 21:38:55
Download image.png
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman it is near the bottom, you can see it 23:21:51
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.ioαη∂єω ohh it did 23:22:52
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.ioαη∂єω im genius 23:22:55
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman lmao 23:23:01
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman gg 23:23:12
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman I wonder what's the deal with socat 23:23:34
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.ioαη∂єω no idea 23:23:40
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual you're using C and socat for some reason? 23:40:15
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman we wanted to spy on the pipe traffic 23:40:35
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Takase, what was the way to have multiline comments for @param in sumneko? 23:50:29
24 Sep 2023
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual i forgot 00:01:07
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual check one of them prs 00:01:12
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman this is only for "enums" right?
---@param text string
---@param align string
---| '"left"'   # Align text to the left of the bounding box
---| '"right"'  # Align text to the right of the bounding box
---| '"center"' # Center text in the bounding box
---@param x number
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman mmm I think I'll just make it go to a newline 00:04:10
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman seems to work™️ 00:04:14
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual yes 00:17:52
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual its just incredibly ugly 00:17:59
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual sumneko annotations is incredibly quirky 00:18:16
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase actual at one point jsdoc makes more sense than it 00:18:36

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