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29 Jun 2022
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@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ sammyette i pixel edited it 19:41:01
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ if you want the bright parts gone i can do it but be fast pls 19:41:13
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ i thought they looked a bit bad but 19:41:24
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ Guldoman and vulkan 20:04:47
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ just seemed even worse 20:04:50
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman Vulkan is way more verbose 20:05:11
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman But it doesn't hide things from you 20:05:21
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ like wtf is the naming tho ;-; 20:05:35
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ vertex arrays and then vertex buffers 20:05:42
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ like I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ARRAYS ARE 20:05:55
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ it's so frustrating 20:06:10
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ buffer is for data, so what is the array for???????? 20:06:30
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman at the moment you know way more than me about graphics programming ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 20:07:16
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ you know way moore than me 20:08:10
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ you just don't know gpu apis ;-; 20:08:25
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ * you know waaaay more than me man, trust 20:08:42
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ i think 20:08:49
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman Eh I wish I actually knew things 20:09:30
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ i just learned what an actual material even is 20:10:30
@_discord_439373663905513473:t2bot.iosammyette#6599 edges still visible 20:48:50
@_discord_439373663905513473:t2bot.iosammyette#6599 took a nap 20:48:58
@_discord_439373663905513473:t2bot.iosammyette#6599 otherwise it's perfect 20:59:02
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ hmm 21:54:23
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ OH 21:55:02
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ I ACCIDENTALLY MOVED THE SELECTION FRICK 21:55:10
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ wait i wonder if it saved the proj 22:01:56
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ ah 22:04:13
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ it's fone 22:04:14
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioタカセ * it's gone 22:04:16

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