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25 May 2024
@_discord_838443654661537873:t2bot.iorohanvashisht * Not possible, I need autopep8 and want to use it with js 22:47:07
@_discord_762488391320469554:t2bot.iokojq Then, compile it? 22:47:52
@_discord_838443654661537873:t2bot.iorohanvashisht we can't compile python I think 22:49:35
@_discord_838443654661537873:t2bot.iorohanvashisht is there any js library that formats python? 22:49:54
@_discord_762488391320469554:t2bot.iokojq idk any js lib for that. You can compile (even to machine code), but it is a pain and you might as well no longer call it Python. 22:52:12
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.iotee /dev/null why do you need it to be in js 23:42:03
26 May 2024
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam It's the thing ™️ 02:02:07
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 You know whats real cool? 12:09:15
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 GhosTTY supports multiple windows per runtime 12:09:29
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 sure would be could if a certain other program could do that 12:09:48
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam I U 14:45:33
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam * O U 14:45:39
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.iovarlad_orig like foot? :P 15:01:22
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 I am referencing the Lite-XL PR that implements this 15:02:05
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 or at the very least implements further into that direction 15:02:22
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 foot doesn't really do that 15:03:00
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 foot supports a client server setujp 15:03:09
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 * foot supports a client server setup 15:03:10
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 where you have a centralized deamon doing all the heavy lifting while multple applications talk to it 15:03:25
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.iovarlad_orig The infra can be leveraged for 1 runtime several windows right?
or is that completely different?
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 its completely different 15:35:13
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 in theory it could be used to make several windows but there is a whole heap of problems doing it in system space 15:35:33
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet What's the difference between multiple windows per runtime and what tmux does? 16:27:13
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 tmux isn't a terminal emulator 16:29:51
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.iovarlad_orig multiplexer != emulator 17:01:30
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet I know that, but what does it mean that a runtime has multiple windows? 17:09:21
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 you can share resources 17:10:34
@_discord_243019821564952578:t2bot.iojan200101 its generally more difficult to program but saves on resources and simplifies some things 17:11:29
27 May 2024
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.iovarlad_orig daeraxa Neohaskel released a new version :) 00:04:45
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.iovarlad_orig * daeraxa NeoHaskell released a new version :) 00:04:59

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