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12 Apr 2021
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikabut if i git clone into the repo and checkout on the other three branches its works fine01:07:27
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikawhy doesn't the gbp clone command not work01:08:01
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimika * why doesn't the gbp clone command not work01:11:37
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikaone of the actions with the severity level of high suggest i package the node-uniqid with version 5.3.001:20:32
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikashould i fix bugs in version 5.2 that is still in testing or i should begin a new package of version 5.3.001:21:35
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen ayoyimika: you should update the package by importing the new version, using uscan and gbp import-orig --pristine-tar 02:33:15
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14 Apr 2021
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15 Apr 2021
@telegram_212257536:tchncs.deCoooooooooooooooom'); DROP TABLE ALL; Yuki Nagato జ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞ (長門有希) XDA: @anupritaisno1 @glassrom I changed their display name from Yuki Nagato (長門有希) (Telegram) to Coooooooooooooooom'); DROP TABLE ALL; Yuki Nagato జ్ఞాజ్ఞాజ్ఞ (長門有希) XDA: @anupritaisno1 @glassrom I.04:33:57
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@paolog:matrix.orgpaologCoooooooooooooooom'); DROP TABLE ALL; is a great display name.13:39:48
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16 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikahello everyone i have some errors when linting the package node-uniqid after build01:42:25
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikai solved some but will need help to fix others01:43:23

node-uniqid (5.3.0-1.1) unstable; urgency=medium

[Edward Betts]

  • Update github location in debian/{control,copyright}

[ ayoyimika ]

  • Non-maintainer upload.
  • New upstream version 5.3.0

-- Ayoyimika Ajibade ajibadeayoyimika@gmail.com Tue, 13 Apr 2021 00:49:59 +>

@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikaalso this the recent update to the changelog file based an an article i read.. is the versioning convention for the nmu version number correct01:44:56
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikaas i aslo notice duplicate files in my home directory with both node-uniqid(5.3.0-1.1) and (5.3.0-1)01:45:53
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveen ayoyimika: we can use 'Team Upload' and 5.3.0-1 instead of 'Non-maintainer upload' and 5.3.0-1.1 05:33:23
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenFor team maintained packages, team members can use Team Upload.05:34:31
@ayoyimika:matrix.orgayoyimikaOK then07:09:27
@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenhttps://wiki.debian.org/TeamUpload08:01:26

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