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GSoC proposal discussions for Matrix - https://github.com/matrix-org/GSoC/blob/master/IDEAS.md for ideas!25 Servers

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9 Feb 2019
18:42:16@rummatee:matrix.org@rummatee:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
21:54:47@pragyan:matrix.orgpragyan joined the room.
21:58:41@pragyan:matrix.orgpragyanHi I am pragyan I am new to open sourcing and all of this, I am a bit nervous about making my first few contributions, I would like to start off by solving some first timer issues to get familiar with the community and possibly tackle bigger issues in the future,so can someone guide me through the process or like help me make my first contribution to the matrix?
10 Feb 2019
08:15:59@pacien:pacien.netNotkea joined the room.
08:32:01@pacien:pacien.netNotkeahello, I'd like to work on some bridges ideas that I have. Should I make gsoc project proposals to the gsoc repo?
08:33:14@pacien:pacien.netNotkeaalso I have a few questions about the bifrost bridge, maybe should I keep those questions for another more specific channel
08:35:51@pacien:pacien.netNotkea can't find any room in the directory though… pokingHalf-Shot
In reply to @pacien:pacien.net
hello, I'd like to work on some bridges ideas that I have. Should I make gsoc project proposals to the gsoc repo?
No, the repo is for ideas, proposals should be drafted in Google docs.
08:58:45@pacien:pacien.netNotkeawhat about idea proposals
09:00:53@pacien:pacien.netNotkeapardon me for my silly questions. The repo is only for mentors?
09:02:29@cadair:cadair.comCadair Yes the repo is really for mentors. A project idea doesn't need to exist in the repo for you to apply for it, as long as you have a mentor to work with.
09:02:57@pacien:pacien.netNotkeaoh ok, thanks
09:07:06@cadair:cadair.comCadairNo worries :)
18:51:04@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoreg pragyan: pick a project that you're interested in, and look through the issue tracker for that project, and see if you can find something that you think you can work on. Some of the projects have labels like "easy" or "good-first-issue" to mark issues that are good for newcomers to work on.
11 Feb 2019
09:52:14@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa Notkea: not sure if you found it yet but this is the bifrost room: #bifrost:half-shot.uk
09:57:23@pacien:pacien.netNotkeaI forgot about it, thanks!
10:22:35@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage Hello people, I'd like to take on the "Finishing matrix-ircd" Idea from the doc. I do have some experience with both Rust and Matrix, but will need to increase my IRC knowledge for this. I've already sent a first PR starting to update the project and would love to continue from there
10:29:42@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa jcgruenhage: sounds good man
10:30:31@benpa:matrix.orgbenpalet's figure out who would mentor
10:30:35@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageProbably Erik, at least that's what the doc says
10:31:09@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage(Would also be the obvious choice because he started the project and is the most into rust out of the core team)
13:11:02@thelimitbreaker:matrix.orgthelimitbreaker@cadair:cadair.com: can I direct message you ?
13:11:20@thelimitbreaker:matrix.orgthelimitbreakerOr benpa ?
13:15:44@benpa:matrix.orgbenpac4dair is travelling today
13:16:59@benpa:matrix.orgbenpageneral reminder that the acceptance of organisations in to the gsoc programme (including Matrix.org) will be confirmed 26th February - https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline
13:17:12@benpa:matrix.orgbenpauntil then we are only in the application stage
In reply to @benpa:matrix.org
Thank you will contact
14 Feb 2019
19:32:54@pacien:pacien.netNotkeaHello, here's my project proposal draft. I'd appreciate some feedbacks. I'm also looking for a mentor if anyone is interested! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XLNTD8TD32g9DZDdtEg89gdTL3qt2MqoioaJYKBl43o/edit?usp=sharing

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