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12 Sep 2019
16:01:02@_discord_557201004060213248:t2bot.iosoc1c amazing
16:01:06@_discord_557201004060213248:t2bot.iosoc1c good work
16:02:11@_discord_557201004060213248:t2bot.iosoc1c all clients still in consensus
16:05:32@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre great work coordinating soc1c
17:00:00@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre Congrats isaac sorpaas GregTheGreek soc1c and all the developers who participated in the technical discussions and then updated GETC, Multi-Geth and Parity Ethereum for Atlantis.

Also thanks to ETC Labs and Tj and James Wo for funding such a great part of the effort and continuing support and development of ETC in general.

Thank you Parity Technologies for continuing to support ETC as well.
17:03:23@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre Also, as bobsummerwill wrote in #general channel, it would be great to see IOHK bring back Mantis to ETC. I'm sure it can be promoted to occupy a sustainable market share.
22:21:14@_discord_520993560540086289:t2bot.ioTj Thanks DonaldMcIntyre!
22:48:53@_discord_322222239850168331:t2bot.ioGregTheGreek Glad everything went smoothly, excited for the future 🙂
13 Sep 2019
08:51:19@_discord_557201004060213248:t2bot.iosoc1c Agharta Hardfork planning https://github.com/ethereumclassic/ECIPs/issues/135
15:02:43@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre Re: Agharta https://blog.ethereum.org/2019/02/22/ethereum-constantinople-st-petersburg-upgrade-announcement/

It seems "St.Petersburg" was a particular change in the Ethereum testnets due to the postponement of Constantibiple at the time, but something that will not actually occur in ETC.

When reviewing ECIP-1056 it seems it only includes the account versioning change and "Constantinople" changes. Shall I enter a PR to clean the text of ECIP-1056 and take out references to "Petersburg" as it is not part of it in pracrtice?
18:18:15@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill DonaldMcIntyre Yes, it was a bit of a quirk of timing, wasn't it, so if we can avoid that on the ETC side that would be good. I think we can too.
18:23:38@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Hey ECIP-buddies! As part of the Hyperledger Besu support for ETC planning, I have been trying to reconstruct the hard fork history of ETC, and I actually count FIVE hard forks which we have had on ETC since the time of the DAO fork, only two of which have names - "Die Hard" and "Atlantis". I could not work out the block number for "Die Hard" and our ECIPs for those earlier forks are not particularly clear. In particular, unlike for ETH, we are missing "Meta" ECIPs for everything except Atlantis.

It would be very useful if we could retroactively create "Meta" ECIPs for the earlier forks, detailing the EIPs/ECIPs they contact, block numbers they were activated on the ETC mainnet and any testnets.

I have gathered the information as best I could in the message below. If anybody with better information could reply HERE, I can then do a combined update THERE:


Then we can tidy up the ECIPs, create "Meta" issues and maybe also add a canonical history page to EthereumClassic.org as well.

All historical help much appreciated! DontPanicBurns anthony DonaldMcIntyre.

CC Hudson Jameson (souptacular) FYI ^^^
18:25:12@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill There is a first Hyperledger Besu community call happening next week, for anybody who wants to listen in or participate. GregTheGreek and I will be there:


And if you want to subscribe to that HL Besu mailing list, where we will be doing all the work in the open, you can do so at:

18:27:45@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Donald, is the "Meta" a schema difference between EIPs and ECIPs?

https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ vs https://eips.ethereum.org/

ie. see https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-150, which shows "Meta reference" with a link to Tangerine Whistle.
18:57:50@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre bobsummerwill "meta" means the same in both EIPs and ECIPs:

ECIPs definition:

A Meta ECIP describes a process surrounding Ethereum Classic or proposes a change to (or an event in) a process. Process ECIPs are like Standard Track ECIPs, but apply to areas other than the Ethereum Classic protocol itself. They may propose an implementation, but not to Ethereum Classic's codebase; they often require community consensus; unlike Informational ECIPs, they are more than recommendations, and users are typically not free to ignore them. Examples include procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making process (e.g. this ECIP-1000 process document), and changes to the tools or environment used in Ethereum Classic development. Any meta-ECIP is also considered a Process ECIP.

EIP definition:

A Meta EIP describes a process surrounding Ethereum or proposes a change to (or an event in) a process. Process EIPs are like Standards Track EIPs but apply to areas other than the Ethereum protocol itself. They may propose an implementation, but not to Ethereum's codebase; they often require community consensus; unlike Informational EIPs, they are more than recommendations, and users are typically not free to ignore them. Examples include procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making process, and changes to the tools or environment used in Ethereum development. Any meta-EIP is also considered a Process EIP.
19:00:34@_discord_543525321761226752:t2bot.ioDonaldMcIntyre I don't know what is "Tangerine Whistle" 🙂
19:01:33@_discord_349885060297785345:t2bot.ioyazRedacted or Malformed Event
19:04:38@_discord_349885060297785345:t2bot.ioyazRedacted or Malformed Event
19:04:39@_discord_349885060297785345:t2bot.ioyazRedacted or Malformed Event
19:44:56@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Thanks, DonaldMcIntyre.
Tangerine Whistle was the name of the hardfork on ETH which repriced the operations which were used for the Shanghai attack blocks. Both ETH and ETC did the same hardfork around the same time (October 2016) in reaction to those. Containing just EIP-150.
19:45:52@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill To cut-and-paste my reconstructed history here ...
19:45:54@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill ---
19:45:56@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Unnamed HF on 25 October 2016 (https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1015) at block 2,500,000 on the ETC chain, equivalent to Tangerine Whistler on the ETH chain at block 2,463,000, which contained only the gas repricings of (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-150). This was required because upstream Geth had already dropped ETC support by this time.

"Die Hard" on 13th January 2017 (?) at block xxx on the ETC mainnet, which delayed the difficulty bomb explosion (https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1010).

Unnamed HF for Monetary Policy from block 5,000,001 on the ETC mainnet. https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1017) and (https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1039)

Unnamed HF on 29th May 2018 at block 5,900,000 which permanently removed the difficulty bomb (https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1041).

Atlantis HF on 12th September 2019 at block 8,772,000 on the ETC mainnet which included Spurious Dragon and Byzantium changes from ETH. This one DOES have a good Meta (https://ecips.ethereumclassic.org/ECIPs/ecip-1054), which is good to see. We'll need to do the same for the other earlier HFs retroactively.
19:46:00@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill ---
19:46:08@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Corrections much appreciated!
16 Sep 2019
08:21:34@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_365751830946250753:t2bot.iotzdybal.
08:21:34@_discord_365751830946250753:t2bot.iotzdybal joined the room.
08:22:00@_discord_365751830946250753:t2bot.iotzdybal names from classic geth
19:38:58@_discord_403937835956174848:t2bot.iobobsummerwill Awesome, thanks, tzdybal!

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