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19 Nov 2020
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20 Nov 2020
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@mba-setheum:matrix.org@iamkhalifaMBA (Setheum)Hi, any resources on building an openzappelin smart contract for cross-chain token swap?23:16:36
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21 Nov 2020
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@gekkido:asra.grgekkidoHi everyone22:57:40
@gekkido:asra.grgekkidoAnyone here interested in Dao space?22:57:46
22 Nov 2020
@apetresc:apetre.scapetrescI imagine almost everyone here is00:28:34
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@vporton:matrix.orgvportonI asked this question in Parity/Substrate chat room, but it was not answered. Probably for Ethereum the answer is the same, so I am asking here: It is unclear what is storage root. Is a different root be associated with every possible array of bytes?06:20:28
@vporton:matrix.orgvportonOh, I think they mean "root hash".06:30:32
@vporton:matrix.orgvportonHow to calculate the hash of the subtrie associated with a given path in the storage?06:54:15
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@jake:hemmerle.devJake HemmerleIs anyone in the #polkadot-watercooler:matrix.org room and can invite me?22:44:13
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In reply to @jake:hemmerle.dev
Is anyone in the #polkadot-watercooler:matrix.org room and can invite me?
23 Nov 2020
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