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18 May 2024
@_discord_126649947297677312:t2bot.iokorejan it looks like the same errors from the issue page, are you sure you that you replaced the first one? 15:26:49
@_discord_126649947297677312:t2bot.iokorejan * it looks like the same errors from the issue page, are you sure that you replaced the first one? 15:27:37
@_discord_1186638672183955528:t2bot.iotmac_19171 yes, I checked the log and there was no previous null pointer error 15:28:49
@_discord_1186638672183955528:t2bot.iotmac_19171 debug version can installed successful. 15:36:25
@_discord_1186638672183955528:t2bot.iotmac_19171 Alright, I'll wait for your message. Thanks a lot. 15:43:18
19 May 2024
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20 May 2024
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@_discord_1014472422289846323:t2bot.iomanikanthmartha hey guys newbie here
i am basically working on building an android application using openxr sdk and trying to integrate monado
can anyone pleaseeee guide me through or provide resources (most of the documentation is vague and i am kinda overwhelmed with all of them )
21 May 2024
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@_discord_1014472422289846323:t2bot.iomanikanthmartha 08:11:08
@_discord_747039598110048297:t2bot.iozappar_simon First off, you only need to post in one channel, everyone who is able to help will see it. This channel seems most relevant.
Can you provide a little more detail - what's your target Android device - phone, headset, something custom? Are you planning on using an existing engine or directly using vulkan / OpenGL?
Monado on Android just gives orientation-only tracking at the moment, it basically alllows you to do Google Cardboard style things. You could always just use the cardboard SDK if android phones are your only target - that will just produce standalone apps (no need for users to install monado runtime and the android broker as well as your app).
@_discord_1014472422289846323:t2bot.iomanikanthmartha can i dm you please???? 08:16:04
@_discord_747039598110048297:t2bot.iozappar_simon See the pinned message from korejan in this channel for some step-by-step install guides for Monado / Runtime Broker. 08:16:17
@_discord_747039598110048297:t2bot.iozappar_simon No, I'm working at the moment. It's generally better to keep support stuff in channels so others can search it later 08:17:01
@_discord_1014472422289846323:t2bot.iomanikanthmartha aight so basically i need to develop an android application which allows users to play selected video files on the vr headset when connected (mostly quest 2) 08:18:20
@_discord_1014472422289846323:t2bot.iomanikanthmartha so i feel like monado helps me in testing out the application and users can directly play it on their device (basically cardboard mode) 08:20:13
@_discord_747039598110048297:t2bot.iozappar_simon The instructions are a bit old and I'm not actively using Monado on Android so YMMV but others might be able to help more. Monado might be a way to run a Quest app in Cardboard-style mode but I wouldn't expect it will help much with development on Quest, there are significant differences there 08:25:14
@_discord_126649947297677312:t2bot.iokorejan just note atm latest on main, android builds can crash if an app does xrEndFrame with no layers 09:06:18
@_discord_126649947297677312:t2bot.iokorejan * just note atm latest on main, android builds can crash 09:50:21

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