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4 Oct 2021
@uver:matrix.orguverSure, that'd be great if you could23:09:46
@uver:matrix.orguverOh, nvm I see you already sent it. Thanks23:10:15
@uver:matrix.orguverI have no idea how to make a two-word tag in gomuks apparently but at least it's organized23:26:34
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5 Oct 2021
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastmaybe if you do a tab completion?11:49:45
6 Oct 2021
@uver:matrix.orguverHmm? I mean the tags on the left. I'm not sure you can make them be two words long00:27:37
@_discord_457011258571358209:t2bot.ioTrev joined the room.04:37:46
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastHm, I dont think I used gomuks enough. Do you mean the space names?08:40:35
@uver:matrix.orguverYou have to manually tag them15:23:23
@uver:matrix.orguverThey're kinda like spaces15:23:52
@uver:matrix.orguverLike ยด/tag u.GavinFreeborn 0ยด15:24:40
@_discord_565171171600105482:t2bot.ioGyro (ds) changed their display name from Gyro to Gyro#4374.16:20:13
@_discord_565171171600105482:t2bot.ioGyro (ds) changed their display name from Gyro#4374 to Gyro.16:20:21
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastYou could always try quoting them or using backslashes to escape the space20:37:42
@uver:matrix.orguverI tried all combinations of that (that I could think of) ๐Ÿ˜…20:59:17
7 Oct 2021
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastThen idk, sorry ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Maybe ask in a gomuks specific channel08:38:44
@uver:matrix.orguverYeah, it's not big deal. This works fine :)15:49:38
@uver:matrix.orguver* Yeah, it's no big deal. This works fine :)15:49:51
@uver:matrix.orguver* Yeah, it's not big deal. This works fine :)15:50:02
9 Oct 2021
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 https://matrix.to/#/%23gavinfreeborn:matrix.org 20:08:19
@uver:matrix.orguver left the room.20:10:07
@uver:matrix.orguver joined the room.20:10:52
@gavinok:matrix.orgGavin FreebornWell it seems to work20:12:01
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastah, great. So I can then git rid of my own one 20:13:18
@gavinok:matrix.orgGavin Freebornnp I should have done this a while ago20:43:51
@atomtoast:envs.netAtomToastwell I did let you know about it a long time ago ๐Ÿค” But oh well. Better late than never. Making my own one really wasn't that big an inconvenience22:08:08

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