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13 Feb 2019
15:46:36@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew(matrix.org has about 50,000 concurrent users atm, hence it being a problem there :P)
15:47:55@dholm:matrix.orgdholmokay, perfect. thanks, matthew
22:46:49@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos Matthew: it would be nice to be have that option to encrypt the db
22:49:46@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistI thought the whole point of modular was that they use their Synapse expertise to run and manage the server for you. If everthing is encrypted so they can't read it how can they run the server for you? Wouldn't Modular basically be a VPS at that point?
22:58:05@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewmy point earlier was that encrypting the db achieves nothing as the server has to be able to decrypt it to use it
23:07:40@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregSome cloud providers such as AWS have an option to encrypt databases/disk volumes, where the decryption key is sent to the VM so that it can decrypt things, but if someone steals the physical drives, they can't read the data.
23:09:00@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregIn my (limited) experience with AWS, it's pretty transparent -- you just tick a checkbox when you create the volume/database, and everything operates as normal.
23:10:26@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI don't know how much it actually matters with AWS, since they apparently physically shred their hard drives when they're decommissioned, but in a previous life, I worked with a customer who insisted on having their data encrypted.
23:27:46@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudI’m sorry for starting this :/

A funky solution would be “bring your own DB”. Customers can specify a remote database somewhere either on their premise or in a public/private cloud of their choosing.

Talking with a remote dB is kinda funky for a web app, but it’s not that uncommon.

23:32:19@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudSecond thought, that’s a silly solution for a SaaS provider
23:33:10@tulir:maunium.nettuliralso it's slower and provides basically no extra security
23:33:46@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudYeah. Terrible idea.
23:36:18@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrud It’s the whole “how can you trust your HS admin” thing again.
14 Feb 2019
01:07:37@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosassymetric key exchange
01:07:52@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosYou can give a pub key or use pgp
01:07:56@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosto decrypt it
01:08:43@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosbut yeah i get your point, it was more about but true.
01:09:15@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudSo basically wait until e2ee improvements hit. I think Monday is supposed to be a big launch day for matrix in general
01:10:03@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosNice, i guess we will see more chat client implementing it
01:12:57@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI'm not aware of any big plans for Monday, but we are plugging away at making e2ee more usable. The next release of Riot Web/Desktop will have a better key verification (not yet implemented on mobile, so you'll only be able to use it to verify other Riot Web/Desktop users), and cross-signing is in the pipeline.
01:15:18@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudThere was a reddit post this morning with a video from FOSDEM. I just checked and that came out last week.
01:15:55@colonelkrud:matrix.colonelkrud.comcolonelkrudI thought it came out today. I am off by a week :)
02:00:37@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their profile picture.
14:57:20@dholm:matrix.orgdholmIf I have a new Modular homeserver with a bunch of imported HipChat users, how do I go about getting an access key for a server administrator? I can log in as me, an admin user imported from HipChat, and extract my access key from the UI, but based on the responses from the API I don't seem to be a server administrator.
16:16:07@rxl881:matrix.orgRick Hi dholm - I'm on it. I'll sort it out for you and ping you in PM in a minute
16:17:03@dholm:matrix.orgdholmThanks, Rick!
15 Feb 2019
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