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23 Apr 2021
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaThere is no way DT on wsl would be color managed. Its Wayland over rdp.15:03:25
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaAnd Microsoft implemented their Wayland compositor, so they'd have to go back and add color management to it15:35:50
27 Apr 2021
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierreshould/can we move the translation process to Weblate too ?18:12:43
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierre(software translation, that is)18:12:50
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaWe can, but then everyone needs to use weblate, having some directly use the PO file and some use weblate will be a mess.18:14:12
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien PierreI'm guessing right now people use Poedit or something, which is kinda the same thing20:21:32
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaYes, and you can download the PO from weblate too20:22:16
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierremy point being having people translating strings from a website is probably the smallest technical overhead possible20:22:20
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaYes, that is true.20:22:34
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierreso your average "I wanna contribute but I don't have coding skills" guy will be served20:23:04
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaAnd with weblate, multiple people can work on a translation at the same time20:23:07
@alex_van_de_berkel:matrix.orgalex_van_de_berkelIn Exiv2 we did the first steps with crowdin20:23:12
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaInstead of possible duplication of work using just PO files.20:23:29
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaIf people agree to it, let's do it.20:29:19
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaIt'd save Pascal some emails as well :)20:29:32
7 May 2021
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11 May 2021
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierreshall we publish a release candidate as soon as feature freeze is out ?22:15:39
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierreor something beta22:15:59
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierrebecause let's be honest… people won't try it until it's in their distro repository22:16:33
@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgAurélien Pierreand then the whole summer will be about complaints22:16:46
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaYeah asap would be nice22:22:04
12 May 2021
@matt-maguire:matrix.orgmatt-maguireIt looks like the CR3 support is very close. There is a PR already against rawspeed, and building darktable with that PR, with some small tweaks (some build script problem, add std color matrix, etc.), allows to open CR3 files on DT now. It may even be possible to include it in 3.6, if the code review completed in time. 01:23:30
@daniel:chaospixel.comcytrinoxWell I would be happy if the CR3 PR lands in 3.6 release. But keep in mind that the whole CR3 thingy is disabled, if no exiv2 with BMFF support exists on the target machine. I don't expect exiv2 0.27.4 releases in distros like Debian in near future. So if the summer release announces CR3 support, most people still can not use it because of old exiv2 lib in their distro. For Windows builds, I think it's not a problem.08:45:32
@daniel:chaospixel.comcytrinoxbut on the other side, this gives maybe preasure to the package maintainers to fast release a exiv2 update in their distribution :D08:47:45
@matt-maguire:matrix.orgmatt-maguire On manjaro/arch linux, I made a PKGBUILD file for the new EXIV with BMFF switched on. For other linux distributions, flatpack or snap package may be an option, we can discuss with mica on the #darktable channel. 08:49:26
@daniel:chaospixel.comcytrinox matt-maguire: it's a compile-time decision, so if the build systems for darktable won't have exiv2+bmff, it is generally disabled. 08:50:41
@matt-maguire:matrix.orgmatt-maguireyes, but I think for flatpack, the libraries and application are all built and packaged, and distibuted together in a sandboxed environment, so that could be a way to distribute for people who don't want to build themselves. Anyway, we should take this to the #darktable channel, to keep the noise low on this management channel.08:56:38
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaYes, we can update the flatpak immediately. Also we have a lot of arch/manjaro users.14:47:09

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