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11 Aug 2019
11:07:45@dknight:matrix.orgdknightI m thinking of start accumulating SWT... price is incredible low these days...
24 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
17:08:46@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumoos joined the room.
17:09:53@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumooswhat is the difference between swarm city and district0x? what can i build with swarm what i can't build with district0x?
20:53:33@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixator It's a big difference. If/when swarm city will come to life, you'll be able to create your own market for whatever you please, whenever you please.
20:54:40@xardas:matrix.orgxardasi never really understood district0x that well
20:54:55@xardas:matrix.orgxardaswith their token, you can vote on what their dev team implements next?
20:55:31@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorCan you create a market for taxi licenses in Cologne for example on district0x?
21:12:31@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixator...or a market for oganically grown tomatoes on balconies in Berlin? ...that would be a nice one...
27 Aug 2019
15:31:04@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumoosIt says: "A network of decentralized markets and communities. Create, operate, and govern. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. Districts are the decentralized community marketplaces that utilize the d0xINFRA framework. They are managed by a governance layer provided by the Aragon network, operating through Ethereum smart contracts and our standardized front-end libraries (d0xINFRA)." https://district0x.io/faq/
15:31:30@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumoosyou can create any market on district0x if it launches haha
15:31:56@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumoosThe district0x token holders themselves decide whether a district is good or bad for the network through the District Registry, an incentivized voting game that dictates access to the network. Whether a district is good or bad not only applies in terms of the quality of the marketplace, but also prevents against districts that are deemed immoral or threatening to the entire network by DNT holders. This will be entirely up to the DNT token holders to decide.
15:32:54@mouyoumoos:matrix.orgmouyoumoosseems very similar to me but little bit more thought out on district0x side my opinion
15:41:14@xardas:matrix.orgxardasit sounds very similar, but I see one major difference: the stated goal. On district0x's website (their faq): The district0x network solves a number of coordination issues and inefficiencies commonly found within distributed community marketplaces. This is accomplished by providing tools that can better align incentives and decision making among the market participants themselves. The end goal is to create a self sustaining ecosystem that can flourish without the need for a central authority.
15:41:51@xardas:matrix.orgxardasThey define their goal as creating a more efficient marketplace, without the need for a middleman
15:42:52@xardas:matrix.orgxardasSwarm City shares that goal, but the focus is more on censor-resistance. We understand that efficiency will always have to suffer at least somewhat for censorship-resistance
15:44:04@xardas:matrix.orgxardasI wonder how district0x solves the similar issues swarm city has with IPFS (not decentralized yet) and eth scaling
29 Aug 2019
Válasz erre: @xardas:matrix.org
Swarm City shares that goal, but the focus is more on censor-resistance. We understand that efficiency will always have to suffer at least somewhat for censorship-resistance
When do you think ipfs will be decentralized? I'm learning React to help with Swarm City development...
I'd like to know how much time I have. :-))
20:53:37@xardas:matrix.orgxardaskeep your eyes on filecoin, but flurkel has been talking with swarm guys as well (doing something similar to IPFS)
20:53:42@xardas:matrix.orgxardasdon't worry about the time
30 Aug 2019
16:41:31@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelYes - just spent a week with at web3summit and dappcon trying to force progress with swarm
16:41:43@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelAlso > someone donated to this giveth campaign to get swarm started
16:42:41@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelit's a race between filecoin (ipfs) and swarm (swap swear swindle)
16:43:02@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelthe first to get the incentive layer working might be the winner
16:56:43@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorThanks for the update! Good to hear teams are working on it...
16:57:57@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorHow about Storj? I noticed that Filezilla already has the option for Storj (you can choose it at the protocol dropdown).
18:20:23@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelfor swarm city to work the way promised, we need the world computer. Three parts: logic, messaging and storage, working together in one ecosystem/solution. Ethereum is just that. Messaging and storage got less attention than the logic (smart contracts) but we're beginning to see a change in focus with fi Status working on messaging, Datafund / Fair Data Society working on storage. Once the three parts are working properly, running SC on it will be a breeze 🙂 but all of us "ICO" brands must first work together to have the world computer. I for one choose to do this through Fair Data Society, trying to kill two birds with one stone > solve decentralized storage and advocate for self-sovereign identity.
14 Sep 2019
20:12:33@wolffblakk:matrix.orgwolffblakk @kingflurkel:matrix.org: @matthewcarano:matrix.org
My transfer from Reserves to Cash has been in limbo for 90 days. When will the bridge be re-enabled?

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