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20 Mar 2020
@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixator ...we just have to come up with the perks for each membership cathegory and it's a functional model.... 21:48:40
@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsRedacted or Malformed Event21:53:49
@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsRedacted or Malformed Event21:56:34
@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorAny ideas?22:20:26
21 Mar 2020
@dros:matrix.orgdrosAnd that is a utility?04:37:49
@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixator ...well it's more than nothing... :-)) 06:43:07
@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorIt was just a joke dros...but maybe in time, when blockchain development becomes so easy that almost everyone can do it, someone will come up with something...06:45:31
25 Mar 2020
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20 Apr 2020
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30 Apr 2020
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1 May 2020
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21 May 2020
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27 May 2020
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31 May 2020
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3 Jun 2020
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4 Jun 2020
In reply to @matthewcarano:matrix.org
Why waste your time until Ethereum can scale? Right now it's just people building things that aren't adoptable because of ETH limitations. Wake me when the base layer is good enough.
I think ETH20 Will be ready maybe in July? if so can Swarm city devs start with the project after ETH 2.0?
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5 Jun 2020
@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorNo money, no problem.06:16:24
13 Jun 2020
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15 Jun 2020
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16 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
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28 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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