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29 Oct 2019
23:51:42@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliams If you are a US citizen and have tokens on Poloniex it's time to move your funds... more restrictions!
7 Nov 2019
14:49:45@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraHow's everybody doing? I haven't checked in for awhile and want to say hi.
15:11:35@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsHello from the other side!
15:12:35@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbra set a profile picture.
15:13:15@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraHey Jenn! Hope you're doing well.
15:13:49@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraGlad to see the conversation has continued here in riot.
15:14:29@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraDecentralization of all things is a beautiful goal to be working towards.
8 Nov 2019
19:10:17@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixator Hi guys. Can we have some informations about the association mentioned in this video? https://youtu.be/NjjabT0-1C8
19:11:32@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorPurpose? Articles of Association(Verrinsstatuten)?
19:39:01@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliams I'm very curious too. Thanks for sharing Matrixator
11 Nov 2019
01:50:04@xardas:matrix.orgxardashi Matrixator, I don't know much about it, but there's this: https://zg.chregister.ch/cr-portal/auszug/auszug.xhtml?uid=CHE-475.212.054
15:19:21@pawlee:matrix.orgMatrixatorThanx Xardas

CoachB and kikipluche I was informed by kingflurkel that he is no longer an active contributor in Swarm City... how does this affect the development of the project?!

There were some things mentioned in the video above, such as the Swarm City non profit Association, where can we learn more about that?Also there was a brief mention of hosting nodes... I'm very curious to learn more about that as well.

In the video it seems as though all is good in Swarm City, progress was being made and conveyed semi publically. How are things currently progressing and what is the plan forward?

I haven't seen any recent information published regarding the State of the City, and Kingflurkel suggested that I ask both of you for updates.

12 Nov 2019

Interesting. The only person capable of developing in the group left that cares about Swarm City is Kingflurkel. If he leaves nothing will be done until someone/anyone with the proper skills voluntarily comes and further builds the product.
I would like to simply get back to a state where we can use Swarm City just like we presented it on put LatinAmerica Tour. But I don’t have the skills nor the funding for that.

If Flurkel leaves us now it will stay a mess. I hope he could still clean up after what he created so far and at least leave back a simple but working solution.


I hope we can

  • deploy one hashtag without the bug
  • open the bridge again
  • release the cash set that are stuck right now

Not sure how this can be done, but having this in order would be the state I feel comfortable for Flurkel leaving. Otherwise I think we are in deep shit.

06:51:47@bernd_swarmcity:matrix.orgCoachBCash SWT
06:59:33@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsWill Hill, xardas, and Lion have all expressed their ability and intent to further develop Swarm City
07:00:12@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsWe need to regroup, refocus, and keep it moving with whatever support we have
07:06:50@will-bkawk:matrix.orgWillIm down to dedicate time for a weekly meeting
07:07:48@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsRedacted or Malformed Event
07:08:22@will-bkawk:matrix.orgWilltry and figure out where we are and whats next
07:11:12@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsI agree with you Bernd that we need to get things functional again and do a handoff. It should not be left online dysfunctional indefinitely and it will require some work to repair. There needs to be some discussion had to find the best path forward from here and realize who is willing and able to make it a priority.

And thank you Will for being here! You're always welcome and a sight for sore eyes right about now!

Welcome back ♡

07:13:21@will-bkawk:matrix.orgWillSeems like my timing is perfect!
07:13:44@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsYes indeed!
13 Nov 2019
16:18:00@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraI'm going to offer a skeleton of what I suspect might be an unpopular idea. Please be openminded before flaming me as I have been a supporter of SC since the crowdsale days. Years ago I onboarded multiple family members and multiple friends who still share the vision of decentralization (& retain 100% of their SWT positions). I absolutely want SC to succeed. :) There exists a platform called Particl (Particl.io) that currently has figured out how to build a decentralized, (default) privacy platform. Their first Dapp is a beautiful, (already working) marketplace. It's private, uses smart contracts to lock up funds until the deals can complete and is mostly off the radar of pump and dumps and annoying distractions. They are straight getting shit done. Their platform is being built to have multiple storefronts, smart contracts, etc. It is a very similar ethos to SC, imo. I DON'T know how to integrate a token on top of their platform, as I think SWT should remain the currency here. BUT if there is a way to build a ride share app on top of the Particl platform, and retain the useage of SWT, I would consider this an extremely viable alternative. There is already a TON of tech and active development (on Particl) in place for what SC is working towards. I hope my suggestion is at least worth a look and consideration. The SC community and vision is dear to my heart and I would LOVE to see our shared vision actualized.

Penumbra, thank you for speaking up and for your continued support.

It really means a lot to me to have your trust and to hear your ideas about how we could realize our dream faster.

We are indeed struggling to create some things that others have successfully created already. I agree with your sentiment that we should definitely look outside Swarm City to find working solutions and to incorporate whatever we can to get a decentralized rideshare app to a deliverable state.

I've been having similar thoughts when dealing with certain user issues. I realized that wallet creation and security is not our forte. User Issues exist from the Boardwalk entry point. We've learned that ipfs hash isn't ideal for storage in our use case. I think we should consider using a secure wallet feature that already exists instead of rebuilding and rebuilding trying to get it right.

I think the particle project is a really nice example of a decentralized marketplace and that we could learn a lot from them indeed.

I know we haven't yet been successful at building our ideal Swarm City DApp however we haven't given up. It appears as though the time has come for new developers to take a swing at it with fresh eyes and ideas.

Thank you again for being here and for sharing this dream with us! ♡

16:47:50@Penumbra:matrix.orgPenumbraHi Jenn. ❤️ Thanks for your warm reception of my thoughts (as always). I want to see bricks being laid in SC again, so we can build the City. Tough times like right now are exactly the times when "winners" are born. Anybody still around here has no quit in them... anywhere- we just have to choose the right path.
17:01:21@jennwilliams:matrix.orgjennwilliamsCheers to that!!

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