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17 May 2021
@freenode_eyeoh:matrix.orgeyeohif one wants noise, why not just go to discord?08:23:41
@cos:hacklab.ficoswhat do you mean noisy? It's just another IM08:24:00
@cos:hacklab.ficoswe have plenty of discord (and tg and slack and irc) bridged channels and they work fine08:24:55
@freenode_eyeoh:matrix.orgeyeohI find discord too noisy. noisy meaning visually noisy08:27:58
@freenode_eyeoh:matrix.orgeyeoh too much 'spam', etc 08:28:04
@cos:hacklab.ficosthat doesn't make much sense. it's just another messenger, a box where you type and others in the channel see what you typed. 08:30:34
@cos:hacklab.ficosjust don't join channels with 'spam'08:30:56
@freenode_eyeoh:matrix.orgeyeoh the crowd it tends to attract is annoying; I'm not sure what else there is to understand? 08:31:08
@cos:hacklab.ficoswell, you can't fix annoying people with technology. you can kick them out tho :-)08:33:18
@cos:hacklab.ficosbut i haven't seen any problems on discord bridged channels. the people are the same, they don't want to use irc for obvious reasons and don't want to use matrix for some other reasons or don't understand it.08:34:26
@cos:hacklab.ficosif someone sends stickers or reaction gifs or other junk, they can be told not to (or kicked from channel if they keep doing it)08:35:27
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill Pittenger cos,eyeoh: Matrix has a discord bridge. But it needs a host and I don't have anywhere to host it. 08:38:28
@cos:hacklab.ficosbut agreed, i don't see any use case for discord in text chats except legacy. it does the same as matrix but it's centralized, has only one client and no bridging support.08:38:32
@cos:hacklab.ficos Will Pittenger: we use t2bot's public bridge at https://t2bot.io/discord/ 08:39:05
@cos:hacklab.ficosbut freenode doesn't allow double bridging, it won't work here08:39:18
@cos:hacklab.ficoswe had to move a couple of freenode rooms to ircnet to enable multi-bridging.08:39:49
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerA bridge Freenode doesn't know about would.08:39:50
@cos:hacklab.ficosYeah, it might work08:40:48
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill PittengerThat's why I mentioned the Matrix bridge.08:41:29
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18 May 2021
@will_pittenger:matrix.orgWill Pittengerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aShr8VCCAOM (Operation Linebacker II - The B-52s go to Hanoi, 1972 - Animated)01:29:36

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