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12 Jan 2024
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 but not the 0.48 or 0.49? 22:50:29
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor It’s a bug which was fixed in .48. 22:50:44
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 a feature ^^ 22:51:02
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor They can’t be placed into anything, added to actor inventories, etc 22:51:04
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Being able to make overlong object ids which you cannot place into anything or use anywhere is not a feature 22:51:27
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor It could be fixed but it’s a compatibility issue 22:53:45
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 I don't know if i check well, but I try with a 60 long scroll name and i can put it in inventory and containers 22:56:40
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Yes, it works ingame, I’m not talking about in-engine 22:57:08
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Plugin format itself does not support it 22:57:22
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor The editor cannot place such objects into containers/etc 22:57:40
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 ok, get it. Thanks for knowledges 22:58:04
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Or, really long enchantment ids applied to objects, those also break 22:58:09
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Probably as later game support gets closer (2190) something could be done about it 22:58:50
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Someone suggested a “vanilla” mode for opencs so it always does stuff that’s compliant with vanilla 22:59:15
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor I think that would be a good idea to solve arbitrary limitations like this. 23:01:40
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 If i want to add a new random object to a book seller.
For example Dortisa Darvel in Balmora.
I just have to add this object in the random_book_imperial_hlaalu (for example) Item Levelled List.
Isn't it?
@_discord_692321051480293406:t2bot.iocome1244 After checking, it works like intent. 23:34:49
13 Jan 2024
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@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep been playing around with openmw-cs lately. it feels a lot more user-friendly than the old construction sets 11:37:50
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep * been playing around with openmw-cs lately. it feels a lot more user friendly than the old construction sets 11:39:46
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep 11:39:46
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep glad i finally bothered to try out openmw 😄 11:40:20
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14 Jan 2024
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2 Apr 2024
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3 Apr 2024
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