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20 May 2023
@_discord_228460481331855362:t2bot.iosjek basically if you code it in lua there's shouldn't be problems. at least for now as there's no commercial games done and ready with their own license. when that happens engine modifications might be needed in some cases as gpl3.
depends of people pretty much.
@_discord_228460481331855362:t2bot.iosjek then again, if not directly copied ie. plagiarism, it would be it's own IP, iirc 03:03:35
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner How to make a view of cell, that is as usable as in Vanilla CS? 06:04:53
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner The cell view now is awful 06:05:02
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner FOV, stretching, and no object window by click 06:05:33
@_discord_145470800756080640:t2bot.ioLamoot#9842 * You can change the FOV in the settings / preferences.
* Stretching?
* I have it as shift+lmb to select an object in 3d view and open its entry in the instances table
Download image.png
@_discord_145470800756080640:t2bot.ioLamoot#9842 this shortcut 07:34:26
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_536177226241277982:t2bot.iojrox8#6160.18:05:18
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@_discord_536177226241277982:t2bot.iojrox8#6160 just learning the construction set, how do I set up a door? (exterior cell to interior cell) 18:05:20
@_discord_145470800756080640:t2bot.ioLamoot#9842 Object of Door type and then its instance placed in the world has teleport cell and coordinates fields.
If you want to link to the exterior world you MUST leave the teleport cell field empty and only input the coordinates
@_discord_536177226241277982:t2bot.iojrox8#6160 thanks 🙏 19:37:57
21 May 2023
@_discord_536177226241277982:t2bot.iojrox8#6160 who up constructing they openmw 01:33:32
@_discord_125313363738755072:t2bot.ioRakanishu#0240Redacted or Malformed Event16:30:31
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23 May 2023
@_discord_648127597397409793:t2bot.ioQuote#8404 psi29a#3708

or we wait for vsg to land and make use of assimp 😉

Quoted by @​Mr_Squarepeg#0365 from #openmw-cs

@_discord_334934512758947841:t2bot.ioMr_Squarepeg#0365 OOPS did not mean to do that 00:44:12
@_discord_334934512758947841:t2bot.ioMr_Squarepeg#0365 * OOPs did not mean to do that 00:44:18
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24 May 2023
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27 May 2023
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@_discord_1014472285022855168:t2bot.ioXan713#6488 Hello everyone, is the OpenMW CS much different in scale and assets and exporting compared to official CK? 07:28:12
@_discord_1014472285022855168:t2bot.ioXan713#6488 Just wanting to do some quick exterior fixes to my mod lists where things clash or float 07:28:35
@_discord_1014472285022855168:t2bot.ioXan713#6488 * Just wanting to do some quick exterior fixes to what is in my mod lists where things clash or float, where no "patch" or "hotfix" exists. 07:33:49
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