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2 Feb 2023
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Ah, interesting. Yeah, I've seen there's like a whole series of these Open* engines 21:17:11
@_discord_102182125494636544:t2bot.iourm (uramer) ArxLibertatis too 21:17:22
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 I guess OpenArcanum didn't do so well https://gogetfunding.com/openarcanum-a-steampunk-rpg-game-revival/ 21:18:24
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 OpenTTD, OpenRCT, and OpenRA are doing pretty well for themselves too 21:19:02
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 I read through the wikipedia list of open source game recreation projects though, and there are a llot of half-finished ones 21:19:21
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Yeah, it's just hard to finish things... like, that's a real skill in and of itself. 21:20:44
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Unrelated, but I've always been a little surprised more wasn't done with the idtech engines, given they were open source and obviously pretty capable. 21:21:46
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Oh, OpenRA can play Dune? That game looked so cool when a friend was showing it off back in the day, never got to play it though. 21:23:31
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Of course, there's the issue of it not being sold anywhere 21:24:30
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 An OpenNeverwinterNights would be pretty cool 21:25:34
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 honestly, having dabbled in modding both games, OpenTTD rivals this project in terms of having to put up with really weird scripting formats 21:26:30
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 https://newgrf-specs.tt-wiki.net/wiki/Main_Page 21:26:31
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 because chris sawyer 21:27:49
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Oh, yes, I too love it when my function names are numbers. 21:29:16
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 the sprite format is executable 21:29:18
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 this is bytecode 21:29:23
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 half of it is undocumented because modders use a custom language that compiles into this 21:29:47
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Ah, ok, I guess that makes more sense 21:30:03
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 then most modders don't even bother with that and write an interpiler to that language 21:30:12
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 because it's somewhere between calculator BASIC and assembly 21:30:28
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 https://newgrf-specs.tt-wiki.net/wiki/ActionD for when you need your sprite loader to be turing complete 21:32:30
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 ... Why? 21:33:18
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye#5105 Unlimited power 21:40:06
@_discord_310493810927075329:t2bot.io..#6626 Call me closeminded, but there are certain things sprites shouldn't be doing 21:41:21
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 what do you mean, it makes total sense that sprites should have internal registers for storing the amount of resources stockpiled in a factory 22:38:13
@_discord_195233236538884097:t2bot.ioWeathdel#9538 and embedded VM code to govern production rates, conditional terrain-responsive variant sprites, and rules for valid placement 22:41:10
@_discord_124574035634814980:t2bot.ionelsson#8630 Whoo I've always wanted to play Gothic series (on linux) 22:59:41
@_discord_648127597397409793:t2bot.ioQuote#8404 wareya#5775

why does the CS not have a "sew" tool?

Quoted by @​AnyOldName3#5223 from #openmw-cs

@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 nelsson, can you cover that question? 23:03:06
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 I know you've answered it before, so presumably know the right things to search to link a past answer. 23:03:50

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