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28 Mar 2020
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23:34:28@ezechiele9_3_6:matrix.org@ezechiele9_3_6:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
30 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
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2 Apr 2020
10:09:52@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.org joined the room.
10:11:16@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgМакаронники слава Великой России, спасшей недоразвитую Италию!!!!
10:14:21@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgGloria ai maccheroni della Grande Russia, che ha salvato l'Italia sottosviluppata !!!!
10:49:45@v7n:tedomum.netRoughest Peasantwhat?
In reply to @v7n:tedomum.net
Pastalians! glory of Great Russia, which saved the underdeveloped Italy fromm the covid!!!
12:32:41@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgPutin is the best hero of Italia!!
12:34:50@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgIf not for Russian medicine, now half of Italy would have died out......
12:36:31@nicola.zandona:matrix.org@nicola.zandona:matrix.org Thanks russ now u can leave
12:39:28@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgWe will once again remind you of our kindness
12:42:08@pirlo_gucci:matrix.orgpirlo_gucci Italian people never needed for heros , they are the heroes of the whole cultures. I stand with italia. And I'll do my best for being an volunteer to assist their people for covid_19.. Always italia ( forza italia)
12:49:39@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgНу посмотрим как вы дебилы блять без нас будете жить
12:50:54@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgWell, let's see how you morons will fuck without us
12:51:31@notanamber:matrix.org@notanamber:matrix.org left the room.
13:06:18@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgnotanamber: lol everyone is afraid of Russians
13:08:45@pirlo_gucci:matrix.orgpirlo_gucci 200 million people in rusha, don't worry. Corona will hits u and will fuck u up. Hopping not to. But Corona loves dirty......
13:15:36@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgИди нахуй сучка блять, меня твое мнение не интересует
13:17:09@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.orgGo fuck the bitch, I don't care about your opinion dirty pasta
13:17:55@nicola.zandona:matrix.org@nicola.zandona:matrix.org So Russ why are u here?
13:20:28@pirlo_gucci:matrix.orgpirlo_gucci russkiy: I'm not Italian, I'm from middle easte. And yes I'm always fuck a dirty bitches girls from rusha loves Arabic guys. Cuz they didn't found any men there. Asshole.
13:22:41@russkiy:matrix.org@russkiy:matrix.org left the room.
13:23:33@pirlo_gucci:matrix.orgpirlo_gucciGood. Sorry guys
3 Apr 2020
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