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28 Aug 2018
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30 Aug 2018
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31 Aug 2018
19:43:46@beltane:matrix.orgBeltane changed their profile picture.
7 Sep 2018
13:11:44@ricky76:matrix.org@ricky76:matrix.org joined the room.
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10 Sep 2018
03:02:36@Gissella:matrix.orgGisel changed their profile picture.
12 Sep 2018
00:30:56@Gissella:matrix.orgGisel changed their profile picture.
24 Sep 2018
17:26:21@reqoil:matrix.orgReqoilAnyone know of any good language learning software available on Linux?
18:49:38@fiakuroa:matrix.orgcobradabestThere's Memrise, which is a website?
25 Sep 2018
02:48:35@reqoil:matrix.orgReqoilThat'll do fine. Any others to keep in mind?
9 Oct 2018
09:02:40@matteom:matrix.org@matteom:matrix.org joined the room.
09:03:08@matteom:matrix.org@matteom:matrix.orgCiao a tutti
12 Oct 2018
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18 Oct 2018
11:51:04@mkey:matrix.orgmkey joined the room.
11:54:54@mkey:matrix.orgmkey set a profile picture.
22 Oct 2018
15:40:46@cataldo:bee.cigliola.comCataldo joined the room.
24 Oct 2018
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25 Oct 2018
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12 Nov 2018
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15 Nov 2018
03:37:38@fannullone:matrix.org@fannullone:matrix.org joined the room.
19:27:41@v7e:matrix.orgv7ecosa combini fannullone?
22 Nov 2018
02:52:31@fannullone:matrix.org@fannullone:matrix.orgda buon fannullone... nulla 🙂
23:56:24@fannullone:matrix.org@fannullone:matrix.orgposso fare una domanda?
25 Nov 2018
28 Nov 2018
08:40:04@mdallastella:matrix.org@mdallastella:matrix.org left the room.
4 Dec 2018
01:35:38@fannullone:matrix.org@fannullone:matrix.org left the room.

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