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11 Sep 2017
21:30:45@TrickOrTreat:matrix.org@TrickOrTreat:matrix.org joined the room.
21 Sep 2017
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14 Oct 2017
00:14:38@xamerin:matrix.orgxamerin joined the room.
18 Oct 2017
17:07:01@deisel16:matrix.org@deisel16:matrix.org joined the room.
21:24:27@deisel16:matrix.org@deisel16:matrix.orgHey fellow Dash supporters
21:29:15@deisel16:matrix.org@deisel16:matrix.orgAnyone stak or run a node in this room?
19 Oct 2017
11:40:14@deisel16:matrix.org@deisel16:matrix.orgWow slow room. Dash os awesome. Our company IDAC is putting in a proposal for funding. Hope we can get some positive feedback
20 Oct 2017
16:39:38@Fin-Lee:matrix.orgFin-Lee🇩🇪 joined the room.
16:43:40@Fin-Lee:matrix.orgFin-Lee🇩🇪 set their display name to Fin-Lee🇩🇪.
21 Oct 2017
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24 Oct 2017
20:45:08@deisel16:matrix.org@deisel16:matrix.org ISAAC is submitting our proposal soon....
Dash Wages by IDAC

We have a platform and a team ready go

31 Oct 2017
07:38:10@nebaba:matrix.org@nebaba:matrix.org joined the room.
2 Nov 2017
22:19:12@NealJayu:matrix.org@NealJayu:matrix.org left the room.
4 Nov 2017
00:28:34@namron:matrix.orgNorman set their display name to Norman.
18 Nov 2017
21:38:37@vvvolf:matrix.org@vvvolf:matrix.org joined the room.
29 Nov 2017
15:24:40@johnwhitlow:matrix.orgjohnwhitlow joined the room.
30 Nov 2017
14:27:59@mofeien:matrix.org@mofeien:matrix.org joined the room.
19 Dec 2017
13:54:05@guest69:matrix.orgploud777 joined the room.
26 Dec 2017
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30 Dec 2017
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31 Dec 2017
08:31:39@deebee:matrix.orgrc changed their display name from deebee to rc.
4 Jan 2018
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15 Jan 2018
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17 Jan 2018
20:31:17@guest69:matrix.orgploud777 changed their display name from IMbigbrother to ploud777.
19 Jan 2018
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3 Feb 2018
10:02:17@iamdushyantgupta:matrix.orgDushyant Gupta joined the room.
24 Feb 2018
03:48:59@kalon:matrix.org@kalon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
24 Mar 2018
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18 Apr 2018
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