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5 Feb 2020
22:11:03@costalfy:matrix.orgcostalfy__ changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
6 Feb 2020
02:01:05@tortebarbe:matrix.orgtortebarbe joined the room.
10:22:45@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgaurelienpierre joined the room.
10:24:45@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgaurelienpierre changed their display name from aurelienpierre to Aurélien PIERRE.
10:24:49@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgaurelienpierre set a profile picture.
10:32:13@aurelienpierre:matrix.orgaurelienpierre changed their display name from Aurélien PIERRE to aurelienpierre.
16:48:36@coqorico:matrix.orgCoq joined the room.
16:53:36@coqorico:matrix.orgCoq changed their display name from coqorico to Coq.
17:26:32@mickabailly:matrix.orgmickabailly joined the room.
19:49:51@atriaze:matrix.orgatriaze joined the room.
19:55:48@atriaze:matrix.orgatriaze set a profile picture.
7 Feb 2020
07:34:23@mickabailly:matrix.orgmickabailly set a profile picture.
11 Feb 2020
15:12:33@galletoni:matrix.orggalletoni joined the room.
12 Feb 2020
11:43:59@vdr:matrix.orgvdr joined the room.

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