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General discussion of the Open Container Initiative. Bridged through to https://opencontainers.slack.com/ (#opencontainers) and the #opencontainers IRC channel on Freenode.5 Servers

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1 Apr 2020
18:49:20@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra left the room.
21:52:48@freenode_jzelinskie:matrix.orgjzelinskieold quay terminology that i wrote for our readme a few years ago: https://gist.github.com/jzelinskie/82afa628604400472785d1e465b0ccf9
22:22:49@freenode_jzelinskie:matrix.orgjzelinskie cc jdolitsky ^^
22:25:55@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra joined the room.
22:26:03@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[Josh Dolitsky, Open Container Initiative] Awesome, thanks for that
22:31:13@freenode_jzelinskie:matrix.orgjzelinskieit might not be super useful, but i recall trying to always define things in terms of previously defined terms
22:32:25@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[Josh Dolitsky, Open Container Initiative] Makes sense, the ordering.
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23:55:18@freenode_david-lyle:matrix.orgdavid-lyle joined the room.
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2 Apr 2020
03:13:33@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra left the room.
03:13:45@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra joined the room.
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06:53:33@freenode_david-lyle:matrix.orgdavid-lyle joined the room.
3 Apr 2020
16:53:13@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 joined the room.
16:53:14@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 Hi, sorry if this is a FAQ but - how should I build the image spec conformance tooling? I'm pretty new to golang.
16:53:49@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 Is what I'm talking about
17:33:40@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 Oh I just noticed there's a makefile in the repo... I'll get golang installed and try that.
17:50:24@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1When I did a `make` I got a failure from a missing dependency. https://gist.github.com/mrallen1/b609296a472d67bc12fb3f4e615b9c13
18:01:04@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1OK, installing the dependency chain...
18:01:37@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1Down to just one error now `schema/schema.go:36:7⚠️ undeclared name: _escFS (compile) (staticcheck)`
20:48:36@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 still haven't figured that one out
22:02:35@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy mrallen1: seems it really can't find go-digest
22:03:25@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 sangy: thanks for the reply :) I got past the dependency problems. Might submit a `make deps` PR actually 'cause getting bootstrapped if you're new to all of this is a chore.
22:03:40@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 I'm just stuck on the `undeclared name` thing now
22:03:47@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1not sure how to fix it
22:03:50@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyoh np, sorry I just noticed this. I assume that probably go mods would make things friendlier on that repo
22:04:52@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy weird, there's a lot in the README about how to commit to it but 0 about how to actually build it

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