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25 Nov 2022
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397 not sure but perhaps :h shortmess 17:29:58
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397 don't have time to check rn though 17:30:01
@_discord_595690358621601792:t2bot.ioJoao#6246 Found it! I was trying noshowmode which is the vim option, but in neovim it's just showmode:
vim.opt.showmode = false
@_discord_544175272568553485:t2bot.iomechap#3522 When I hit <CR> luasnip is somehow disabled :/ 18:53:12
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397 wym?
how do you see it's disabled
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397 it's the same option
that's just how you disable options in vimscript
you prefix it with a no
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397 e.g.
@_discord_595690358621601792:t2bot.ioJoao#6246 Thank you I'll remember that. I guess you can tell I've never used Vim before then 😅 19:40:19
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 Hey, quick question. How can i issue autocmd in lua with nvim 22:05:30
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 * Hey, quick question. How can i issue an autocmd in lua with nvim 22:08:24
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 or maybe i am asking the wrong question 22:11:18
autocmd StdinReadPre * let s:std_in=1
autocmd VimEnter * if argc() == 1 && isdirectory(argv()[0]) && !exists('s:std_in') |
    \ execute 'CHADopen' | execute 'cd '.argv()[0] | endif
@_discord_544175272568553485:t2bot.iomechap#3522 To be more precise, <CR> seems to be overriden by an other plugin :/ 22:20:46
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 i guess this is vimscript and not good with it either. What i am trying to do is open up chadtree is a directory is passed as an argument instead of a file 22:23:28
@_discord_167379195876343808:t2bot.ioGlamShatterskull joined the room.23:43:20
26 Nov 2022
@_discord_263773334431334400:t2bot.ioTheChurchOfBob#9042 is there an isue with treesitter not working on neovimv8.1 ? 06:47:35
@_discord_263773334431334400:t2bot.ioTheChurchOfBob#9042 tree sitter is updated and soa re my plugins 06:47:54
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 Are you seeing something like this 07:08:17
Error detected while processing $HOME/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/start/nvim-tree
E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: .../packer/start/nvim-treesitter/plugin/nvim-treesitter.
lua:9: attempt to index a boolean value
stack traceback:
        .../packer/start/nvim-treesitter/plugin/nvim-treesitter.lua:9: in main chunk
Press ENTER or type command to continue
@_discord_263773334431334400:t2bot.ioTheChurchOfBob#9042 was getting quer.lua error, just reverted back to7.2 and it fixed it 07:31:46
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 Hey so nvim V0.80 is recommended not a requirement 07:42:23
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 TheChurchOfBob 07:42:37
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@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 nvm nvim V0.8.1 is a requirement 10:43:53
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 do you mean nvim V7.2 or ? 10:44:11
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@_discord_544175272568553485:t2bot.iomechap#3522 https://github.com/hrsh7th/nvim-cmp/issues/1329 15:04:32
@_discord_1032876039321419778:t2bot.ioLost Neophyte did you run :TSUpdate? 16:07:09
@_discord_243787691680858113:t2bot.ioTomás joined the room.18:46:14

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