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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax whatever its fine 17:47:29
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax ill try another colorscheme 17:47:32
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax not gonna waste my time on this 17:47:37
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 I mean if you focus a type identifier and use :Inspect and it doesn't show a tree-sitter highlight group, another colorscheme wont help. 17:48:45
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax yeah ik 17:50:02
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax i'll add go highlights to my colorscheme then 17:50:15
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax should work 17:50:18
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 I mean something like @type.go should automatically link to @type if it is not explicitly mapped. 17:51:42
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax yeah 18:26:42
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax but 18:26:43
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax for some reason that doesnt work with go 18:26:49
Download image.png
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 I mean if it doesn't even list the tree-sitter highlights, that means there are none being generated by tree-sitter. Your colorscheme can't help you there. 19:19:40
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax yeah ik 19:33:18
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax i guess it doesnt have go support 19:33:24
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 I think it does. The highlight queries just don't work for some reason. 19:34:14
Download image.png
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 I just tested it with a random go example and it seems to work perfectly: 19:36:47
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 Maybe try to update your plugins? 19:36:57
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax hmm 19:38:37
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax okok 19:38:40
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax ooooh 19:40:03
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax i got it working 19:40:06
TSBufEnable highlight
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax worked 19:40:07
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax weird 19:40:09
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax it wasn't enabled by default 19:40:10
Download image.png
@_discord_546070586963787787:t2bot.ioDrax thanks man! 19:41:13
@_discord_537281171370016780:t2bot.ioremrevo2048 glad to help 19:41:27

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