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9 May 2018
13:24:23@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996It is and it makes things like ha and ceph very approachable
10 May 2018
14:35:20@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996how hard is it to setup lxd or kvm to HA?
14:35:35@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996how hard is it to setup lxc or kvm to Failover?
14:39:25@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: do you mean the vms themself or do you mean the application inside?
15:01:20@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996The vms themselves
15:02:06@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996Ex the physical host dies and the vms inside move somewhere else
15:14:01@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: you can setup proxmox. Www.proxmox.com
15:19:33@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996 that is what I did and it is a pretty straight forward thing I was wondering what TimePath ment by sounds neat if you can't be bothered to do it yourself
15:20:01@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996like is it really that easy to setup HA on KVM or LXC without something like ovirt or proxmox?
15:26:28* @gucky:westchat.degucky @tiny6996:matrix.org you can testca 3 node cluster with pacemaker and http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/VirtualDomain_(resource_agent)
15:27:45@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: i do not think if this is easier to setup.
15:33:31@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996I figured the only hangup I had on my 3 node setup was setting the ceph storage for host failure instead of device failure
15:33:37@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996but it wasn't that hard
15:38:14@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: yes you i know. This was 1 argument to go away of ceph. We tried block storage.
15:39:12@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996ceph is kind of weird to get used to. It does everything well but you have to learn to speak its language.
15:39:27@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996once you start learning how to talk to it does all sorts of neat tricks
15:42:20@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996 gucky: what storage system are you using for proxmox?
15:48:16@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: i only local storage. But with an ibm bladecenter you can a failover realize. This has an integrated storage. My old factory had so a setup.
15:56:34@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996gotcha so the whole blade will failover instead of just the virtualVMs? that is cool sounds way pricer than what I did though
16:00:25@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: no. The vm from ohne blade card to another
16:01:20@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996oh nice I didn't know that worked with just local storage I thought you had to have a separate SAN or cpeh setup for that.
16:03:08@gucky:westchat.degucky@tiny6996:matrix.org: you can attach it. Yes.
23:39:49@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996Nice how big is your cluster
30 May 2018
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4 Jun 2018
16:00:10@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996what do you guys think about microsoft buying github?
21 Jun 2018
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6 Aug 2018
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23 Aug 2018
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23 Sep 2018
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18 Jan 2019
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