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30 May 2018
16:22:54@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu joined the room.
4 Jun 2018
16:00:10@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996what do you guys think about microsoft buying github?
21 Jun 2018
08:40:03@-guckyy-:westchat.de@-guckyy-:westchat.de joined the room.
6 Aug 2018
15:17:42@gucky:westchat.degucky left the room.
23 Aug 2018
06:23:17@fractal:disroot.org@fractal:disroot.org left the room.
23 Sep 2018
22:32:27@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu@dsn-traveller:dsn-traveller.dsn.scc.kit.edu left the room.
18 Jan 2019
08:27:59@divi:vip.semperparatus.legaldivi joined the room.
14 Mar 2019
18:29:27@jey:matrix.superjey.comjey joined the room.
30 Mar 2019
19:24:31@-guckyy-:westchat.de@-guckyy-:westchat.de left the room.
25 Apr 2019
05:22:22@thwaller:matrix.orgDarkLord joined the room.
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30 Apr 2019
17:45:40@JigmeDatse:openpsychology.netJigmeDatse (OPP) changed their profile picture.
23 Jun 2019
10:07:22@csworksfinal:matrix.orgcsworksfinal joined the room.
25 Jun 2019
22:54:34@niraj03:matrix.orgniraj03 joined the room.
22:55:02@niraj03:matrix.orgniraj03Redacted or Malformed Event
20 Jul 2019
16:59:03@nalakawula:matrix.orgnalakawula joined the room.
26 Jul 2019
10:25:23@niraj03:matrix.orgniraj03 left the room.
9 Aug 2019
22:15:45@clickn:matrix.orgclickn joined the room.
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10 Aug 2019
12:18:54@rixon-:matrix.orgRixon 👁️‍🗨️ joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
07:46:57@tytsadesme8:matrix.orgtytsadesme8 joined the room.
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14 Sep 2019
01:55:40@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996 changed their profile picture.
01:56:37@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996 changed their profile picture.
11 Oct 2019
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27 Oct 2019
05:56:52@tiny6996:matrix.orgtiny6996 niraj03: sorry for the super late reply but MDT is usually the way to set it up I have a little experience with it but not enough to help
2 Nov 2019
23:51:36@nalakawula:matrix.orgnalakawula left the room.
7 Mar 2020
04:52:21@platypus0x7a:matrix.orgplatypus0x7a joined the room.
20 Apr 2020
11:06:24@nkalexander:matrix.orgnkalexander joined the room.
12 May 2020
19:36:18@botatis:matrix.orgbotatis joined the room.

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