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22 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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24 Mar 2024
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25 Mar 2024
@0x66656d626f79:matrix.orgddt changed their display name from basedschizo to ddt.02:12:07
@0x66656d626f79:matrix.orgddt changed their profile picture.02:12:15
@0x66656d626f79:matrix.orgddt changed their profile picture.02:13:17
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@overlord:realm.bzOverlordDoes the admin even do anything here?21:57:39
@overlord:realm.bzOverlord Paul: ranka99 21:57:49
@overlord:realm.bzOverlordThat's a shame22:13:19
@overlord:realm.bzOverlordI wish there was a mechanism to replace admins in rooms, or remove events on a server level22:13:53
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgJust like real life ideally: you can walk over here and do your own thing... 22:24:47
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgLet us not pretend strangers owe us anything....22:25:47
26 Mar 2024
@overlord:realm.bzOverlordI mean, at least it drugs and not cp09:12:04
@overlord:realm.bzOverlord * I mean, at least it's drugs and not cp09:12:10
@overlord:realm.bzOverlordSince no one can stop me, if anyone is interested in a more active libertarian community on Matrix, there are a couple of rooms bridged to Telegram, that belong to the Montelibero movement09:13:25
28 Mar 2024
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgSays the link is malformed.01:10:41
30 Mar 2024
@overlord:realm.bzOverlordWeird. This should work https://matrix.to/#/#montelibero:realm.bz17:07:04
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgIt do.21:26:54
@chinsoutlaw:matrix.org@chinsoutlaw:matrix.orgBut it says it's empty21:27:56
2 Apr 2024
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3 Apr 2024
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4 Apr 2024
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