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19 Jan 2019
01:13:32@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝It
01:14:16@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝 It's not the purple heart you are referring to though
01:18:15@perdu:chat.weho.stperduthe only people who deserve purple hearts are the ones who didnt earn it
02:21:14@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural more like purple farts lol
02:21:34@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural unless they're from wwii
02:26:57@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondi was going to make a purple sharts comment along with a bottle of that heinz purple ketchup but i felt it was dumb like your joke was
02:51:36@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural drinking two bottles of wine can lead to purple puke
02:51:55@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural but it turns greenish oh the way through the butt
02:52:17@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural hold on, i have a whole instagram for this
03:04:41@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff_Wizardam I too drunk to install a Linux distribution
03:04:59@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff_WizardI don't think I'm too drunk to install a Linux distribution
03:11:00@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural do it
03:11:18@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural just don't format anything important
05:35:36@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural punk rock
06:12:40@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i'ma go crawfishin'
06:12:56@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural i just learned the most wonderful thing
06:13:12@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural louisiana crawfish are an invasive species around here and there's no bag limit
06:13:17@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural traps are ok too
06:38:58@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondi thought you were talking about the picture tbh
06:39:17@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondi only read the last line
07:25:49@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural gonna have a crawfish boil
07:25:56@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural very short ideal season here
07:26:11@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural they have sort of events for people to gather them but most are out of season and they don't mention keeping them to eatt
07:26:33@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural sept-nov mostly
07:26:46@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural when they're big and fat ad easy to trap
07:26:59@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural you have had louisiana crawfish

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