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1 Apr 2020
20:26:32@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakvoat claims it's a freedom site for being more free than reddit, but what I discovered is that it's the least free, what they do is put heavy controls on the system to keep newcomers out so they can keep control in their circle
20:26:55@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI'm gonna have a look at plorema
20:28:17@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakmastodon impresses me with what it's achieved, both in terms of its apparent quality of code and also its seemingly high popularity
20:29:00@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI very much like Movim but it feels like a dead platform and also it's unfinished
20:29:55@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI mainly want to use platforms where people can form groups oriented around topics like Reddit, and I find Matrix works similarly
20:30:22@marmulak:converser.eumarmulaktweet-based platforms don't really give me that feeling because it's hard to group up by topic
20:31:57@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakbut with Mastodon and probably other ActivityPub services you can at least choose a server with a group of people you prefer, and the server has its own feed
20:32:17@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakadds the communal feel
20:32:23@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenyeah, definitely
20:32:38@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenhaving smaller communities grouped around instances is really nice
20:32:52@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenand federation means you can interact with anyone anywhere else so you get the best of both worlds
20:33:18@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenthe matrix protocol is kind of mediocre but there's some really cool innovations they made
20:33:42@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenfor one, room state is shared across every server in each room so rooms are ridiculously reliable
20:34:05@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenit also makes everything slow and leads to state resets but it's a cool feature
20:34:18@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenbut the really really cool thing is that messages can be formatted however you want
20:34:20@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakyeah Matrix fills its own niche
20:34:36@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenby default you get text and html messages
20:34:46@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenbeing able to send html mesages is ridiculously powerful
20:35:23@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenI hacked up my own version of riot-web to allow more html tags, now I can send these as messages https://www.kickscondor.com/slaptrash/
20:40:06@ninja57:matrix.orgninja57 It'll be cool if Riot have a Like feature
20:40:05@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI'm not that big of a fan of html haha
20:40:34@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakemoji react got you covered
20:41:15@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenyeah, html can really get misused
20:41:48@ninja57:matrix.orgninja57I see
20:41:36@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenbut if you have a good enough sense of minimalism and style you can make some solid html
20:41:46@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenhave you checked out kickscondor's site
2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
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4 Apr 2020
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