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14 Mar 2019
05:20:21@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosover time not all actors would have been that genuine and natural
05:20:26@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural pay them
05:20:44@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosyeah he must have some way, methods he obtain those details somewhere
05:20:49@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural yeah you can tell they're all fuckedf up
05:20:50@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosu dont just guess such
05:20:56@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural it not fake
05:21:26@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosyeah his question are so simple or simple gifts
05:21:32@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosbut damn best reactions ive ever seen
05:21:41@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural like eric andre
05:22:02@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural he fucks people up
05:27:13@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosyeah hes funny asf
15 Mar 2019
16:52:53@buggeas40d:chat.weho.stbuggeas40d joined the room.
17:05:48@fiddeldibu:sibnsk.netfiddeldibu joined the room.
16 Mar 2019
00:01:54@_discord_142449932727615488:t2bot.io[Distressed Cat Noises]#4003 changed their profile picture.
19:15:27@ookfof:ru-matrix.orgookfof joined the room.
18 Mar 2019
02:17:10@_discord_405824626195824641:t2bot.iosam song, magnum dong#2655 changed their profile picture.
18:27:09@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their profile picture.
20:33:49@_discord_405824626195824641:t2bot.iosam song, magnum dong#2655 changed their profile picture.
19 Mar 2019
22:11:02@scotsleed:ponies.imKuroa! [SCO/EN] (GD/NAP/NRN) changed their display name from Kuroa! [SCO/EN] {IT} (GD/NAP/NRN) to Kuroa! [SCO/EN] (GD/NAP/NRN).
23:29:59@_discord_142449932727615488:t2bot.io[Distressed Cat Noises]#4003 changed their profile picture.
22 Mar 2019
16:04:40@mayer:matrix.orgMayer joined the room.
21:35:47@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their display name from Atmos to Atmos 2000.
21:51:38@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their display name from Atmos 2000 to Atmos.
23 Mar 2019
04:30:37@brainblasted:disroot.orgChris (Old) changed their display name from Chris to Chris (Old).
04:39:10@brainblasted:disroot.orgChris (Old) invited @brainblasted:chat.weho.stChris.
05:28:35@brainblasted:chat.weho.stChris joined the room.
24 Mar 2019
18:37:53@_discord_405824626195824641:t2bot.iosam song, magnum dong#2655 changed their profile picture.
25 Mar 2019
01:08:48@mcmxcii:matrix.org@mcmxcii:matrix.org left the room.
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