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27 Nov 2022
@_discord_336932669478666241:t2bot.ioK.K. Rider#1237 am i correct in assuming that that PT_Data has been completely replaced by Sky_Data and PC_Data? 04:17:27
@_discord_125313363738755072:t2bot.ioRakanishu#0240 Correct 04:17:35
@_discord_336932669478666241:t2bot.ioK.K. Rider#1237 got it 04:17:52
@_discord_336932669478666241:t2bot.ioK.K. Rider#1237 i was wondering why the imperial faces were missing 04:18:03
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_213521927917010946:t2bot.ioHydroxide#9137.12:20:57
@_discord_213521927917010946:t2bot.ioHydroxide#9137 joined the room.12:20:59
@_discord_213521927917010946:t2bot.ioHydroxide#9137 @everyone join now https://discord.gg/annanudes 12:20:59
@_discord_292085311456935936:t2bot.ioarvisrend#2624 how is Meshes\tr_death_a.nif called these days? 18:35:28
@_discord_125313363738755072:t2bot.ioRakanishu#0240 The TR death a, b, c, d anims became 6, 7, 8, 9 in the meshes/TD folder 18:38:09
@_discord_292085311456935936:t2bot.ioarvisrend#2624 thank you! 18:38:18
@_discord_292085311456935936:t2bot.ioarvisrend#2624 where precisely? 18:41:21
@_discord_292085311456935936:t2bot.ioarvisrend#2624 ah found it 18:41:54
@_discord_706769091259531272_=47it=48ub:t2bot.ioGitHub#0000 removed their profile picture.20:32:24
[TD-Addon/TD_Addon] Issue opened: #303 Typo in an Ebonheart Bellman entry "t\_news\_bellman\_35"

I seem to have made a typo in one of the Ebonheart Bellman entries that I wrote that hasn't been caught yet. It's in "IMPERIAL TREASURES STOLEN!", with ID t_news_bellman_35. Namely, there is a 'to' missing from '...rumored __ have been traitors...". See the screenshot below.


28 Nov 2022
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 chef were you planning on releasing that T_D hotfix on Nexus and all that, or do you want me to package it with TR? 00:49:19
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 I reckon not incorporating it into TR directly is cleaner, no? 00:49:42
@_discord_215660376577146880:t2bot.iochef I should put it out since some of the lists I fixed are in shotn 00:50:01
@_discord_215660376577146880:t2bot.iochef but if you want to merge it to TR_update and just clean it after the big bugfix update that should be fine 00:50:35
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 I'll just refer folks to your hotfix download once you put it out 00:51:13
@_discord_215660376577146880:t2bot.iochef sounds good, I'll put it up shortly 00:52:05
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Thank you chef 02:45:22
@_discord_589784106137812992:t2bot.ioMwGek#1275 chef thank you for spending time into backwards compatibility, much appreciated 🙏🙏 08:03:53
@_discord_993635851332493372_=5ainitrad:t2bot.ioZinitrad#0000 removed their profile picture.08:04:30
@_discord_993635851332493372_=5ainitrad:t2bot.ioZinitrad#0000 yeah super happy TD_Graveyard exists 08:04:30
@_discord_993635851332493372_=5ainitrad:t2bot.ioZinitrad#0000 obvs its better if devs update their mods if possible but its a nice way to make old mods not just die 08:05:16
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall changed their display name from Recall to Viv#8422.10:10:11
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall changed their display name from Viv#8422 to Recall.10:10:18
@_discord_720613370616610866_=47it=48ub:t2bot.ioGitHub#0000 removed their profile picture.11:53:31
[TD_DeprecatedAssets:master] 1 new commit

5eee49c Atlased more pt plants - revenorror

@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDunusi418 Good work making the Data Graveyard, Chef. This is very cool 👍 14:15:58

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