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16 Sep 2023
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18 Sep 2023
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@twitchwink:matrix.orgTwitchWink changed their display name from twitchwink to TwitchWink.16:31:56
19 Sep 2023
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20 Sep 2023
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@puro_osso:matrix.orgPuro Osso :D changed their display name from PuroOsso :D to Puro Osso :D.15:18:29
@puro_osso:matrix.orgPuro Osso :D changed their profile picture.15:18:43
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21 Sep 2023
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22 Sep 2023
@ermo_:matrix.orgermo changed their display name from ermo to ermo^.19:04:04
23 Sep 2023
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@tobias.zangerle:matrix.org@tobias.zangerle:matrix.org changed their display name from Tobi (z3r0) to Tobi.13:37:40
24 Sep 2023
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@stevenms:matrix.orgSteven Stryker set a profile picture.02:05:57
@tobias.zangerle:matrix.org@tobias.zangerle:matrix.org changed their display name from Tobi to Tobi (t0b1).09:43:28
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25 Sep 2023
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@ermo_:matrix.orgermo changed their display name from ermo^ to ermo.12:01:08
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26 Sep 2023
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27 Sep 2023
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29 Sep 2023
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30 Sep 2023
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