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26 May 2016
16:19:22@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewpure chromatic scales are an acquired taste :)
16:19:31@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewpentatonic can also be fun, but minimal
16:23:18@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiit’s not taste, I like chromatic, but the Git repo doesn’t sound good with it
16:23:43@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaihaven’t tried pentatonic yet
16:24:30@gergely:polonkai.euGergely PolonkaiI’ll put the script on the interwebs tomorrow so you can play around
17:01:19@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai oh, seems there’s no need to wait: https://github.com/gergelypolonkai/git-sound
17:01:59@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiit’s not as flexible as I’d like yet, but it works
2 Jun 2016
09:45:07@McOmghall:matrix.orgMcOmghall First Alpha-of-the-alpha release https://github.com/McOmghall/midi-over-matrix
10:16:50@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewoh, crap, you asked for review the other day
10:16:52@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewand i forgot
10:18:14@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewlooks exciting!
10:18:27* @matthew:matrix.orgMatthew will try to have a look, but is a bit drowning in trying to unleash vector properly on the world
10:25:08@McOmghall:matrix.orgMcOmghall np, Matthew, do your stuff and if you have some time take a look, I won't be able to contribute a lot this month
28 Jun 2016
18:02:05@McOmghall:matrix.orgMcOmghall so I am free to do collab work, if you have some feedback I'd be glad to listen
18:02:39@McOmghall:matrix.orgMcOmghallfor starters I think a revamp of midi-over-matrix would be good, but if you need some other work done pls just ask
18:47:25* @matthew:matrix.orgMatthew still hasn't had a chance to play with midi-over-matrix yet :(
18:47:32@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewthanks to extreme vector-related drowning
1 Jul 2016
16:47:56@McOmghall:matrix.orgMcOmghallok, no problem, if I can help with something just tell me
2 Aug 2016
15:57:01@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their profile picture.
9 Sep 2016
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16 Feb 2017
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11 May 2017
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27 Aug 2017
21:09:41@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew to Matthew|away.
6 Sep 2017
07:19:37@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their display name from Matthew|away to Matthew.
29 Sep 2017
11:58:23@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew changed their profile picture.
31 Dec 2017
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22 Apr 2018
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2 Aug 2018
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