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26 May 2018
04:21:34@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol mrx: On AliExpress's merchant-feedback form.
04:27:27* @aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol tried using Mastodon again. Nope, still hates that format.
04:28:32@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgolThe threading is still terrible.
04:29:14@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgolI'm supposed to clean house today, but I'd much rather hack on Riot. Hmm…
04:41:21@mrx:disroot.orgmrxclean riot's code
04:41:24@mrx:disroot.orgmrxthe best of both worlds
04:50:20* @aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol gets hoover.exe
05:29:31@fractal:matrix.orgfractaloh no
05:29:33@smile:t2bot.ioSmile Bot:)
06:45:48@spacebug:1bit.sespacebugWhenever I see a nickname, I automatically assume the person behind the nick is either male or female. What does that say about me? Is it normal? Do I also subconsciously treat people differenlty because of that? 🤔
06:47:33@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol spacebug: It probably means you're a closet nbphobic who needs to be shunned from society
06:49:26@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmeson I couldn't say what else, but it could be indicative of placing to much value in form rather than substance
06:49:46@spacebug:1bit.sespacebugI don't know what that means - nbphobic ? hehe
06:51:35@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol spacebug: non-binary-phobic. "nb" is what all teh cool progressives on twitter use these days
06:51:59@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol I can't tell what that face is supposed to express, /dev/ponies
06:52:00@haiku:t2bot.ioHaiku BotI can't tell what that face is supposed to express, /dev/ponies
06:52:31@spacebug:1bit.sespacebugoh, is that people that define them selves as either male or female? See, I did not even think about them. Hum
06:53:19@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgol spacebug: neither male or female, yes.
06:53:33@aidalgol:qhx.spaceaidalgolalso, I'm being entirely sarcastic.
06:54:15@spacebug:1bit.sespacebug aidalgol: well that I understood heh. Still interesting though. spacebug needs more coffeee
08:19:54@mrx:disroot.orgmrx Her only purpose, as with many of Poe's female characters, is to be beautiful and to die.
08:20:02@mrx:disroot.orgmrxDeep intellectual writing
08:58:20@trevorb:matrix.orgTrevor B joined the room.
09:08:57@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpolmao, when you play hyrule circuit in mario kart 8, the coins are replaced with rupees, and all the sound effects are changed to zelda sound effects
09:09:15@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpoLike the sound when you get an item box is the sound from when you open a chest

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