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20 Nov 2018
03:26:21@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoand have e2e
03:26:49@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedonever hits the PSTN so there's no automatic NSA bulk collection.
03:26:55@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFYou got a link to that this is? I'm not familiar with "asterisk" in this context. I'm just thinking of "*"
03:27:18@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFWait, so this doesn't let you call actual phone numbers?
03:27:29@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoyou can call actual phone numbers, yes.
03:27:38@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedobut that hits the PSTN.
03:27:46@ivarbot:hveem.noivar [1] Open Source Communications Software | Asterisk Official Site
03:29:22@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFDo they offer the service to call on the PTSN too?
03:29:35@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFI would think there would be some pricing here if so
03:29:59@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoyou can get trunks to peer with pstn. it's super cheap.
03:30:16@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoless than $1 a month to hold a DID usually.
03:30:25@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedothen they bill by the minute.
03:31:00@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoI've been using residual minutes that i've had since around 2015.
03:31:12@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedohaven't had to re-up the accounts yet.
03:41:28@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFHave you gotten this working with a softphone?
03:47:45@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonIt doesn't even have to be THAT complicated. VPN software like tinc and p2p voip apps like csipsimple (f-droid) can be used to dial devices by (vpn) ip
03:49:01@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFWell, I certainly can't make everyone use VOIP. that's the problem. I just need a way to call real phone numbers
03:55:32@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonI think part of what he was getting at is that one can get their own (digium or otherwise) telephony card with an fxo module hooked to your own POTS line and use asterisk or similar to set up your own voip service to and from an existing number (and even dangle extensions off of it via fxs modules, voip lines, etc)
04:00:18@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonIt's just that it tends to be cheaper to outsource it to someone else unless/until you start using it heavily, because holding a number costs very little, and the shared nature of the lines is such that they're typically able to spread the fixed line taxes/surcharges/etc thinly across their entire user base.
04:06:22@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonThat was actually how my first and only landline, ever, was done way back when. We dropped a number into my employer's system that was IAXed to my local asterisk instance via my VPN connection to them, and I had a telephony card piping it to my own POTS phones. I only ended up having to reimburse them ~$2/mo for the number itself
04:08:47@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonAs a bonus, my work extension also rang in at home, so people would be able to reach me whether I was working from the office or otherwise.
06:09:08@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFSounds complex. I've been leaning more towards paying for a VOIP service that sets all that up for me
06:09:40@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFI just pay for an account that I can log into any softphone or VOIP phone I want
06:16:50@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFWas considering this since the $9 a month plan seems affordable and they're reputable: https://www.1-voip.com/residential-voip.php
06:48:59@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonIf you're in the US, keep in mind that the CLOUD Act could theoretically allow LEOs to skirt around the wiretapping laws and listen in on you any time they feel like it. If you're outside of the US, keep a close watch on your laws, because several countries have CLOUD Act-like laws in the works or under consideration
06:51:16@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonOr rather, regardless of where you are, it might be prudent to have a voip provider that has no operations in your country OR the US
06:53:28@darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmesonThat at least puts them in a good position to tell anyone from your country demanding anything of them to fuck off, though whether they'd do so or just cave and comply is another story.
06:56:17* @darkmeson:matrix.orgdarkmeson kind of suspects that someone will come up with an anonymized POTS access network in the style of Tor and Mixmaster/Mixminion at some point

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