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15 Dec 2017
03:41:52@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelumI'm guessing it has to happen soon
03:42:19@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgCaelum: why care so much about oxygen?
03:42:29@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelumonly life can produce free oxygen
03:43:14@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelumthis will be like one of the biggest "OH SHIT" moments of the century
03:43:26@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgwhy, what happens to oxygen in a natural state?
03:43:48@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelumit's highly reactive, it gets bound to other elements
03:44:14* @davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.org should probably remember this stuff from chemistry class :p
03:46:01@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.org kind of lame that we can't even find alien microbes
03:46:18@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgstupid barren universe
03:47:30@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgheh, there was a Lem short story where the plot was basically that the universe originally had heaps of stuff but someone accidentally deleted most of it
04:07:17@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelumthis is kind of like the moment where we are the man in the snowglobe who thinks the snowglobe is all there is and then suddenly...
04:08:44@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgI think there's probably other stuff out there but likely so far away that it won't make much difference to us
04:09:24@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orglife isn't so interesting if there's no way to study/communicate with it
04:15:00@Caelum:matrix.orgCaelummaybe in your life time you'll find out that things are much more interesting than that
04:24:04@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgone can hope
04:24:22@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.orgbut I will be surprised if it happens ;)
04:25:11* @davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.org puts money on humans creating aliens before meeting real ones
04:54:13@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghGreetings earthlings
04:55:04@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrgh I've travelled through time and space to draw a circle in a crop but you didn't understand my message.
04:55:14@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghSo I joined matrix
04:55:46@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghI have an important message :
04:56:09@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrgh "Don't be a dick"
04:56:59@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrgh I thought that message was clear by drawing crop circles but you aren't that clever after all.
04:59:01@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.org rgh: instructions unclear, dick stuck in dick
06:20:28@davidar:matrix.org@davidar:matrix.org fractal: why do you always do that?

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