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12 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017
16 Aug 2017
06:05:04@ZZEPPOSS:matrix.orgzzepposs joined the room.
06:06:18@ZZEPPOSS:matrix.orgzzeppossWhat's the temp?
06:08:56@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.orgAt least 90
06:12:56@ZZEPPOSS:matrix.orgzzeppossThat's gentle.. suitable for me to wake-up... 😉
06:16:45@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.orgWe need to figure out how to get the door from letting all the heat out 😏
06:27:36@ZZEPPOSS:matrix.orgzzeppossBest is to get some crazy fins in.. they know as well how to get saunas sponsored by t gov
09:06:58@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.org joined the room.
09:11:33@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orghej there :)
09:12:53@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org Hello Stefan 👋
09:14:11@ZZEPPOSS:matrix.orgzzeppossLight t fuse and put it in play!!!
09:15:17@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgnice rocket :D
09:15:44@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgso about the saunas: at the moment we don't have fixed plans yet.
09:16:30@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org Correct
09:16:38@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org But we're working on remedying that situation
09:17:02@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgPersonally, I would really like to have a sauna village on congress, especially becaus i enjoyed sauna in scandinavia couple of times, even in winter - which is the best :)
09:17:51@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgwe propably will have space outside / in front of some halls even maybe with direkt water connects.
09:18:56@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgFor now, I can't say anything. But I have it on my list and I'll try to gain some informations about posibillities, restrictions and what ever $foo is needed to make a sauna village possible :D
09:20:04@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org Let's do this
09:20:14@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org So far we researched sauna rental places
09:20:31@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org Also ideated how we could finance and what we would need to organise
09:20:41@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org We got stuck on figuring out showers
09:20:56@sasha_:matrix.org@sasha_:matrix.org Idk if there are some at CCL and if we can use them
09:22:23@smtw:matrix.org@smtw:matrix.orgshowers will be a problem, because there are just a very very few ones in CCL (as far as I know). So may be it's better to improvise something outside, or at least think about possible solutions for outside. (Pool, showerboxes like on the camp, ...?)

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