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8 May 2021
@th:stusta.detobhethe options should be documented but there is no roadwarrior client example in the man page iirc22:18:36
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrakAha, the iface option did it, thanks!22:19:44
@th:stusta.detobhei should update the faq...22:21:27
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak Also, is there a way to request a specific IP? On my client I have: "request address", and on the server I have "config address", but I get assigned some other IP address (even though I am the only client) 22:30:13
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak(fwiw, server is OpenBSD 6.8, client is 6.9.0 on Linux)22:30:33
@th:stusta.detobhethat happens if the ip is already taken22:30:43
@th:stusta.detobhe request address is the right option, but in the end the server decides 22:32:04
@th:stusta.detobheyou could check ipsecctl -sa or the log on the server to see who stole the ip22:33:47
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak Nothing in 'ipsecctl -sa' or the log. Even restarting iked on both results in some random address getting assigned 22:37:09
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrakhttps://rak.ac/~tmp/iked.conf.txt is what I have22:38:53
@th:stusta.detobhelooks correct22:42:56
@th:stusta.detobhebtw: i usually use dummy interfaces for iface on linux22:43:20
@th:stusta.detobhebut it doesn't really matter22:43:35
@th:stusta.detobhehm do you see the same address being assigned in the log?22:50:03
@th:stusta.detobheor could it be that the client just doesn't update the iface ip22:50:24
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak Yeah, I see "... assigned policy ..." in the server log instead of the desired ip 22:52:06
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak I'll see if updating the server to 6.9 fixes the issue and will let you know. 22:54:27
@th:stusta.detobhei hope it doesn't have to do with the version but the hard reboot alone might fix it23:03:10
11 May 2021
@th:stusta.detobhemore propaganda13:59:11
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12 May 2021
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@th:stusta.detobhebtw did you manage to get the ip rak?12:30:45
@freenode_rak:matrix.orgrak tobhe: Haven't tried since a few days ago. I'll try again on the weekend. 14:15:50
13 May 2021
d1f8a43d862 Use field independent version of {get,set}_affine_coordinates.
91e971e46a0 Refactor iked process shutdown and cleanup. Remember configured addresses and routes in iked_vroute_sc to not depend on ikev2 process for cleanup.
@th:stusta.detobheOh hi Shirkdog 🙂 just saw that you're here22:50:57
14 May 2021
@th:stusta.detobhegood news: looks like we can also distribute the release via the official mirrors23:28:43
@th:stusta.detobhemight be interesting for future packages/updates23:29:03

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