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9 Jan 2019
20:37:41@martin1001:matrix.orgmartin1001!giphy facepalm
20:37:42@neb_giphy:matrix.orgGiphyRedacted or Malformed Event
20:38:23Jitsi widget added by @martin1001:matrix.orgmartin1001
20:42:36Jitsi widget removed by @ansi:matrix.organsi
20:43:58@martin1001:matrix.orgmartin1001Redacted or Malformed Event
20:49:31@martin1001:matrix.orgmartin1001Redacted or Malformed Event
20:50:50@dj4mu:matrix.orgdj4mu https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/zooniverse/radio-meteor-zoo
10 Jan 2019
15:51:52@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [EMSN/Homepage#master] 3 new commits by Ansgar Schmidt
15:51:52@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications
  • Fallback if static site dont contain id (d52f9fec)
  • Fixing back to home link for nav logo & make logo url base on BaseURL (53b6b751)
  • Add Testpage (Uncomment if nescessary) (edb1e7c1)
15:52:22@ansi:matrix.organsisorry was we
16:17:02@ansi:matrix.organsiMartin updated the homepage.
16:18:30@ansi:matrix.organsi martin1001: The webhook is aktive now. When you push something, the page is rebuild and there is a short notification here. Happy hacking :-)
17:11:32@ansi:matrix.organsi martin1001: https://github.com/ostranme/swagger-ui-themes for swagger ui.
17:16:13@martin1001:matrix.orgmartin1001Uhh nice
20:15:24@ansi:matrix.organsi martin1001: in case we want to move to gitlab pages (don't see a reason for now): https://gitlab.com/help/user/project/pages/index.md
18 Jan 2019
17:06:47@ansi:matrix.organsiWas really busy in the last days but now back to the real cool project :-)
29 Jan 2019
20:18:46@ansi:matrix.organsitrying to get gitlab to build the images with ci, but still having problems with the qemu privileged mode. I did it once with travis, but it is not working like this with gitlab. Anyone tried the same before
31 Jan 2019
18:32:23@ansi:matrix.organsi ategus: I have the same problem with the current image builder
1 Feb 2019
20:21:15@ansi:matrix.organsi ategus:
20:21:36@ansi:matrix.organsiHave you seen the latest release nodes. This could help us as well to do a last minute update
2 Feb 2019
00:04:16@ansi:matrix.organsiLets patch this file as well:

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